Biden’s New FTC Chair Could Be a Big Web 3.0 Ally

Lina Khan made her name fighting data-hoarding platform monopolies. She could help clear the ground for a better model.

Policy & regulation  ·  16 June 2021

Andreessen Horowitz Has Its Own Media: So Far That’s a Good Thing

So far, Future.com looks less like a news website than a dry, specialists-only academic journal. That's a net-plus for the tech industry.

Business  ·  15 June 2021

On the Road: A Lesson About Open Access and Bitcoin

Capital can mean a source or flow. What type of world will flow from bitcoin?

People  ·  15 June 2021

Kim Kardashian and Ethereum Max. Why?

What is ethereum max? Here's what we found after some quick research into Kim K's new favorite (?) crypto.

Markets  ·  15 June 2021

The Age of Autonomous Supply Chains

Companies can replace top-down planning with self-organizing blockchain systems, says our columnist. Think of supply chains orchestrated by smart contracts.

Business  ·  14 June 2021

4 Crypto Tax Tips to Get You Through Market Dips

Harvesting your crypto losses during a dip generates greater tax savings than hodling, says a crypto tax expert.

Policy & regulation  ·  14 June 2021

2 Tweets Make a Story: Bloomberg’s Bitcoin Miami Report

The first story about COVID out of Bitcoin 2021 needed significantly more reporting than it had, and unfortunately, it drove copy-paste follow-ons instead.

News  ·  14 June 2021

Money Reimagined: Bitcoin’s Green Savior?

El Salvador's move to make bitcoin legal tender offers an opportunity to prove that cryptocurrency can power renewable energy development, says CoinDesk's chief content officer.

Policy & regulation  ·  11 June 2021

The Node: The Dawn of Bitcoin Geopolitics

Latin American leaders have faced decades of repression by the United States. Bitcoin gives them a way to fight back.

Policy & regulation  ·  11 June 2021

A Big Carbon Footprint Compared to What?

When blockchain systems reduce human involvement in transactions, the carbon benefits can be substantial, says our columnist.

Policy & regulation  ·  10 June 2021

The Node: Warren Versus the Volcano

Greening bitcoin would be a good thing in itself, and it would take away a tool of misdirection from those who oppose it for other reasons.

Policy & regulation  ·  10 June 2021

Moving on From Good-Bad Crypto Dialogue

Central banks should welcome competition from crypto and the crypto industry should be less defensive, says our columnist.

Policy & regulation  ·  9 June 2021

Modern Monetary Theory and a Basic Income for All

Universal basic income paired with post-extractive technologies like AI and crypto can alleviate human drudgery, says one entrepreneur.

Policy & regulation  ·  8 June 2021

How the Civil War Shapes the Future of Stablecoins

The Civil War replaced a decentralized monetary system with a centralized one, setting precedents for the regulation of stablecoins today.

Business  ·  8 June 2021

Miami Coin and Voting With Your Tokens

Patrick Stanley's new project may provide a way for people to reward and be rewarded by innovative cities.

Tech  ·  8 June 2021