Diem: A Dream Deferred?

Is diem what the world needs? "It's a start," economist Darrell Duffie says.

Opinion  ·  20 August 2021

Gary Gensler Isn’t Buying Your Decentralization Theater

The SEC chief has a point: DeFi is often not as decentralized as its proponents like to claim.

Opinion  ·  19 August 2021

Spanish Securities Watchdog Warns 12 Firms Including Huobi, Bybit for Non-Registration

The watchdog isn't banning the exchanges.

News  ·  17 August 2021

LINE’s Crypto Exchange to Cease Activity in South Korea Ahead of Regulatory Deadline: Report

The development shows potential for many foreign exchanges to pull or limit services within the country ahead of tougher regulations.

News  ·  17 August 2021

Congressmen McHenry, Thompson Call SEC Chair Gensler’s Remarks on Crypto ‘Concerning’

The two congressmen wrote that rather than potentially regulating innovation and job creation out of the U.S., lawmakers and regulators should “promote an active dialogue between regulators and market participants.”

Policy & regulation  ·  16 August 2021

NYDFS Head Lacewell to Depart Agency by Month’s End

Linda Lacewell announced a revamp of NYDFS's BitLicense last year.

News  ·  13 August 2021

Money Reimagined: A Turning Point for Crypto

Even as crypto lost a battle over taxes in Congress this week, it felt like a victory, says CoinDesk's chief content officer.

Opinion  ·  13 August 2021

To Win in Washington, Crypto Needs a Campaign Strategy

The infrastructure bill shows it is time for serious crypto activism. That means mapping out campaigns, says a professional campaigner.

Opinion  ·  12 August 2021
Crypto Taxes

By Taxing Crypto, the US Government Has Accepted It’s Here to Stay

There's a silver lining in Congress' efforts to impose a tax on crypto transactions: The U.S. finally accepts crypto is part of the economy.

Opinion  ·  11 August 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Slips as Infrastructure Bill With Crypto Tax Provision Heads to House

Bitcoin pulled back as traders digest regulatory developments in the U.S.

Markets  ·  10 August 2021

How to Make American Voters Care About Crypto

This infrastructure bill is just the beginning. Congress must answer to constituents, not to Crypto Twitter. What will make lawmakers spend political capital fighting for crypto?

Opinion  ·  10 August 2021

Gary Gensler’s Insane Crypto Policy

Gensler wants to follow in his predecessor's footsteps and treat the crypto industry as something to stifle rather than support.

Opinion  ·  9 August 2021

Against the US Senate’s Heavy-Handed Crypto Provision

The bill as written has the potential to thrust every single transaction by U.S. crypto users into an invasive dragnet.

Opinion  ·  9 August 2021

Janet Yellen Has Been Lobbying Against Wyden-Lummis-Toomey Crypto Amendment: Report

Senators had hoped to pass the bipartisan bill on Thursday night, but issues remained unresolved around the cryptocurrency regulations.

News  ·  6 August 2021

Binance to Wind Down Hong Kong Derivatives Trading in Switch to ‘Proactive’ Compliance Stance

Regulators worldwide have said the exchange isn't authorized to conduct regulated activities in their countries.

Policy & regulation  ·  6 August 2021