Oasis Launches $160M Ecosystem Fund With Backing From Jump Capital and Others

The layer 1, long in development, is finally preparing for prime time.

Tech  ·  17 November 2021

What Taproot Could Mean for Bitcoin Investors

Taproot is an overwhelmingly positive upgrade to the Bitcoin protocol, but it is not itself enough for investors to get excited.

Tech  ·  15 November 2021

DEX Aggregator ParaSwap Launches PSP Token on Heels of ENS Airdrop Excitement

After months of anticipation and a thorough “anti-Sybil” process, ParaSwap’s DAO is now live.

Tech  ·  15 November 2021

Taproot, Bitcoin’s Long-Anticipated Upgrade, Activates This Weekend

Taproot will give developers an expanded toolbox to work with as they continue to ideate, iterate and build on Bitcoin.

Tech  ·  13 November 2021

xDai Wants a Gnosis Merger to Stay Relevant, but Some Tokenholders Are Crying Foul

Project leads see a potentially historic DeFi merger as a way to fend off the competition. Speculators are complaining they’ve been shortchanged.

Tech  ·  12 November 2021

Nansen to Bring Crypto Intelligence Tools to Solana Early Next Year

Solana will be Nansen’s first non-EVM chain when it joins the platform in early 2022.

Tech  ·  9 November 2021

Discord CEO Hints at Ethereum Compatibility

The CEO posted a screenshot that shows Discord connecting to Ethereum, saying “probably nothing.”

Tech  ·  9 November 2021

Enter the Margaritaverse: My Week at NFT.NYC

The daytime event felt like a pretext for the lavish after-parties.

Tech  ·  6 November 2021

Why the Advisor Crypto Technology Gap Is Closing

Cryptocurrency technology and infrastructure developed first for the individual investor. Today, advisors have the most of the same capabilities and opportunities as do-it-yourselfers.

Tech  ·  4 November 2021

EOS Foundation CEO: ‘EOS as It Stands Is a Failure’

In an effort to position the recently-formed EOS Foundation as an ecosystem leader, CEO Yves La Rose claimed in a speech Wednesday that “EOS has been a terrible investment.”

Tech  ·  3 November 2021

The Cube Movement

The frenzy for Tungsten Cubes may seem like a frivolous meatspace meme. But some profound truths lurk within all that heavy metal.

Tech  ·  3 November 2021

Avalanche Developers and Investors Form $200M ‘Blizzard’ Investment Fund

The early-stage investment firm and incubator will be operated by former Ava Labs and Avalanche Foundation staff.

Tech  ·  1 November 2021

$139M BXH Exchange Hack Was the Result of Leaked Admin Key

The hack on the exchange on Binance Smart Chain might have been the work of one of BXH’s own employees.

Tech  ·  1 November 2021

Here’s Why a CryptoPunk Sold for $530M

A half-billion-dollar NFT “sale”? On-chain analysts say it may have just been an elaborate publicity stunt.

Tech  ·  29 October 2021

NEAR Protocol Offers $800M in Grants in Bid for DeFi Mindshare

Amid a spree of mammoth layer 1 incentive programs, NEAR has raised the bar in sheer size.

Tech  ·  25 October 2021