Valid Points: Why EIP 1559 Makes Debugging Ethereum Dapps Harder

Also: ETH is on a 12-day winning streak in the run-up to the London upgrade.

Tech  ·  4 August 2021

A Crypto Guide to the Metaverse

Verifiable, immutable ownership of digital goods and currency will be an essential component of the metaverse.

Tech  ·  3 August 2021

6 Flagship Dapps Set to Go Live on Ethereum Scaling Project SKALE

The firm behind the scaling network has “hand-selected” a half-dozen projects to debut this summer.

Tech  ·  29 July 2021

Ethereum Devs Grapple With Worst-Case Scenarios

Is Ethereum ready for the “London” hard fork?

Tech  ·  28 July 2021

Secret Network Adds Private Governance to Its DeFi Project

The practical implications of private DeFi governance may lead to more questions than answers.

Tech  ·  27 July 2021

1inch to Airdrop 10M Tokens to DeFi Users to ‘Refund’ Gas Costs

The firm is taking a new approach to minimize transaction fees.

Tech  ·  27 July 2021

Shopify to Allow Merchants to Sell NFTs Directly Through Their Stores

One of the first Shopify merchants to offer NFTs will be the NBA’s Chicago Bulls.

Tech  ·  26 July 2021

What Is Going On With Bitcoin SV?

Following an attack on the network, more exchanges reportedly suspended trading of the BCH spinoff and Binance is shutting down its BSV mining pool.

Tech  ·  23 July 2021

Index Coop, Bankless DAO Team Up to Launch New Crypto Index

The BED token represents an even split of bitcoin, ether and Index Coop’s DeFi Pulse Index.

Tech  ·  22 July 2021

Reddit Rolls With Arbitrum to Scale Its Ethereum-Based Community Points System

The large Arbitrum ecosystem was a factor in the decision as well as ease of use for developers, Reddit said.

Tech  ·  22 July 2021
Lightning Network

Blockstream Rolls Out a Bitcoin Lightning Node for N00bs

The startup says its new Greenlight service lets users maintain complete control over their BTC while setting up a node on its cloud infrastructure.

Tech  ·  21 July 2021

Chainlink Integration Looks to Catalyze DeFi Development on Avalanche

More than 225 projects building on Avalanche are waiting for price feeds, said Ava Labs President John Wu.

Tech  ·  21 July 2021

Valid Points: Ethereum’s Most Profitable DeFi Applications

Plus: Pulse Check gets a new look, and getting ready for August’s hard fork.

Tech  ·  21 July 2021

MakerDAO Moves to Full Decentralization; Maker Foundation to Close in ‘Months’

The move by the protocol’s home office has been long expected.

Tech  ·  20 July 2021

Coinbase’s Bison Trails Adds Developer Tool for Solana Blockchain

The network is now among the 20 or so supported by Bison Trails’ “Query & Transact” product.

Tech  ·  20 July 2021