Some Filipino Merchants Prefer Payment in Axie’s SLP

Hoping to benefit from the success of the blockchain game, merchants in the Philippines are now accepting Axie's Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token.

Features  ·  25 August 2021

Inside Alien Worlds, the Biggest Game in the Metaverse

The co-founder of Alien Worlds says the popular blockchain game is more than play-to-earn. It's helping educate people on crypto governance and strategy.

Features  ·  25 August 2021

Cuáles son las monedas que podrían reemplazar al dólar como principal reserva de valor

La participación de la moneda estadounidense en las reservas mundiales no ha dejado de disminuir desde hace años. ¿Tomará el euro, yuan o bitcoin su lugar en el centro de las finanzas mundiales?

Features  ·  20 August 2021

‘Block Kong’: Dim Sum in a Crypto Hub

A global center for finance, Hong Kong is an often overlooked hub for the blockchain industry, as documented in "Block Kong."

Features  ·  19 August 2021

Which Universities Are the Best for Blockchain?

Calling students, academics and industry stakeholders: We need your help to identify the best places to learn about crypto and blockchain technology.

Features  ·  16 August 2021

Ranking the Currencies That Could Unseat the Global Dollar

The dollar's share of global reserves has declined steadily for years. Will the euro, yuan, or bitcoin take its place at the center of global finance?

Features  ·  15 August 2021
Crypto Taxes

Living in Puerto Rico, Where the Taxes Are Low and Crypto Thrives

Relocating to Puerto Rico to avoid taxes is simpatico with crypto's goals. Both are attempts to outrun the state and build an alternative system.

Features  ·  12 August 2021

Help Us Identify How Leading Groups Manage Crypto Talent

What's the best way to attract and retain leading crypto/blockchain talent? Fill in our survey and be part of a new research effort.

Features  ·  10 August 2021

German Crypto Startups Welcome $415B ‘Spezialfonds’ Law, Even if the Impact Is Small So Far

A new German law allows for $415 billion in new crypto investment. But, given the conservative nature of "spezialfonds," the money might take time to arrive.

Features  ·  6 August 2021

How Axie Infinity Creates Work in the Metaverse

A cute NFT pet game called Axie Infinity is currently raking in more protocol revenue than Ethereum and Bitcoin. Filipinos are benefitting.

Features  ·  17 July 2021

Why Crypto Miners Are Expanding Beyond Quebec

Two large bitcoin miners are growing beyond Quebec because of restrictions on the use of power to run their operations.

Features  ·  12 July 2021