Cuáles son las monedas que podrían reemplazar al dólar como principal reserva de valor

La participación de la moneda estadounidense en las reservas mundiales no ha dejado de disminuir desde hace años. ¿Tomará el euro, yuan o bitcoin su lugar en el centro de las finanzas mundiales?

Features  ·  20 August 2021

Ranking the Currencies That Could Unseat the Global Dollar

The dollar's share of global reserves has declined steadily for years. Will the euro, yuan, or bitcoin take its place at the center of global finance?

Features  ·  15 August 2021
Jack Mallers

Strike’s Jack Mallers on Fixing the Fiat Problem

Jack Mallers discusses Bitcoin, El Salvador and how Strike can capture the power of open networks to spread further than fintech.

People  ·  15 July 2021

China’s Bitcoin Mining Crackdown Is a Boon for Miners Elsewhere

Miners outside of China are getting a financial boost from their competition’s forced exile. Will the trend continue?

Business  ·  30 June 2021

Understanding the Meme Stock Barbarians at Wall Street’s Gates

Social trading and meme stocks are the inevitable future. Who are the people driving this trend and what do they want?

People  ·  23 June 2021

DAOs Prepare for the Next Crypto Winter With Treasury Diversification

DeFi projects are selling off governance tokens to get ready for tougher days ahead.

Business  ·  3 June 2021

Consensus 2021: 6 Questions for Gartner’s Avivah Litan

Avivah Litan, a distinguished analyst at Gartner Research, meets Dan Kuhn to discuss how enterprises can (and won't) use blockchain tech.

People  ·  25 May 2021

DeFi Is Now a $100B Sector

...by at least two measures, that is. Decentralized finance users probably top 1 million.

Markets  ·  29 April 2021

The Best Blockchain University Programs Actually Pay Students to Learn

Leading student blockchain clubs do more than meet up to eat pizza: they work directly with crypto startups to solve problems.

Business  ·  7 October 2020

What the CFTC Chairman Actually Said About Ether Futures and Ethereum 2.0

Speaking at CoinDesk's Invest: NYC, Heath Tarbert addressed ethereum futures markets and the move to a proof-of-stake model with Ethereum 2.0.

Markets  ·  15 November 2019

Three Fronts in the Global Digital Currency Wars

There are now several competing approaches to building a new financial system, writes Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire. Which will governments embrace?

Markets  ·  13 November 2019

How to Turn a $17 Million ICO Into $104 Million: The Cosmos Story

The startups building Cosmos don't own it or rely solely on it for income. And that's the point.

Business  ·  11 November 2019

How Bitcoin’s Lightning Can Be Used for Private Messaging

Bitcoin's lightning network might have a use case beyond faster and more scalable payments, thanks to an experimental version called Whatsat.

Tech  ·  9 November 2019

3 Insights on Crypto Derivatives and Risk From Veteran OTC Traders

Missed our webinar on crypto derivatives? Read the takeaways from CoinDesk Research's chat with OTC trading pros Yinfeng Shao and Martin Garcia.

Markets  ·  7 November 2019

93 Days Dark: 8chan Coder Explains How Blockchain Saved His Troll Forum

A deep dive into the decentralized technology that brought the world's most controversial site back online – for now.

Markets  ·  6 November 2019