Institutions Snap Up Ether $5K Call, Bitcoin Risks Double Top as RBA Official Warns of FOMO Meltdown

Bitcoin appears exhausted, having failed to chart a convincing breakout beyond April highs for almost four weeks.

Markets  ·  18 November 2021

First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Plummets, Dashing Hopes of a Quick Return to Its Record High

Short-term indicators suggested limited downside at the onset of Asia trading hours; ether's price also dropped significantly.

Markets  ·  16 November 2021

VanEck Bitcoin Futures ETF ‘XBTF’ Launches on CBOE Exchange

Investment firm VanEck’s bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) started trading on the Chicago-based CBOE exchange Tuesday.

Markets  ·  16 November 2021

Bitcoin Below $60K in a ‘Funding Reset’ Move, Tests Key Support: Experts

Market appeared quite complacent due for a pullback, observers said.

Markets  ·  16 November 2021

Bitcoin’s Bull Flag Breakout Suggests More Upside; Support at $57K

The cryptocurrency could break the six-figure mark in Q4, one firm said.

Markets  ·  15 November 2021

Bitcoin Still a Risk Asset Despite Last Week’s Inflation-Led Rally, TradFi Experts Say

An elevated inflationary environment is completely new territory for bitcoin and its reaction function, one analyst said.

Markets  ·  15 November 2021

First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Drifts Lower After Taproot Upgrade; Ether Drops

The most significant improvement to the Bitcoin network in four years generated weekend enthusiasm in the blockchain community (and a short video) – but nothing too exciting in terms of a price reaction.

Markets  ·  14 November 2021

VanEck to Launch Bitcoin Futures ETF ‘XBTF’ Next Week After SEC Rejects Spot Offering

Chicago-based CBOE exchange says in website posting that the VanEck Bitcoin Strategy ETF will start trading Tuesday under the ticker symbol “XBTF.”

Markets  ·  14 November 2021

Will the Holiday Season Bring Gifts or a Lump of Coal for Bitcoin Investors?

There are just seven weeks left in the year, and it seems there’s no consensus on who will win out: the HODLers (steadfast accumulators) or the profit-takers.

Markets  ·  14 November 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Expected to Rise on Taproot Upgrade

Bitcoin (BTC) analysts are counting down to the network's Taproot upgrade over the next few days. Some observers expect BTC price to rise, although others anticipate muted reaction from the market. Ether (ETH) is expected to pull back given divergences on charts.

Markets  ·  12 November 2021

OMG Tanks Over 25% as Exchanges See Record Inflows After BOBA Airdrop snapshot

The native token of Layer-2 scaling protocol for Ethereum offering faster and cheaper transactions, crashed on Friday as exchange inflows spiked.

Markets  ·  12 November 2021

Ether’s Key Metrics Paint Bearish Picture: Santiment

Active user participation on Ethereum's network has decoupled from ether's rising price

Markets  ·  12 November 2021