Bitcoin ATM

Athena to Install 1,500 ATMs in El Salvador Following Bitcoin Law

Crypto ATMs are seen as a way for people to interact with the physical world, particularly those who are not well-versed in cryptocurrencies.

News  ·  25 June 2021

‘Superman29’ May Do Time: California Resident Pleads Guilty to Laundering Millions Using Illegal Bitcoin ATMs

Kais Mohammad, aka “Superman29,” has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges he ran an unlicensed Bbtcoin ATM network that laundered up to $25 million.

News  ·  22 July 2020

Bitcoin ATM Growth May Be a Boon for Money Launderers

Crypto analytics company CipherTrace found bitcoin ATMs are increasingly being used to send funds to "high-risk exchanges" suspected of facilitating illicit activity.

Policy & regulation  ·  24 June 2020

Largest Bitcoin ATM Network Coinme Raises New Funding from Ripple’s Xpring 

Coinme, which provides kiosks and ATMs for digital currencies, raised $1.5 million in a Series A financing round.

Business  ·  13 September 2019

Police in Spain Say Bitcoin ATMs Expose Problems in Europe’s AML Laws

Spanish police authorities are raising the alarm because a recent criminal case involved the use of bitcoin ATMs, making their jobs more difficult.

Policy & regulation  ·  11 July 2019

NYDFS Grants BitLicense to Third Bitcoin ATM Operator

NYDFS has granted a third bitcoin ATM operator a BitLicense Thursday, with Cottonwood Vending LLC becoming the latest recipient.

Policy & regulation  ·  31 January 2019

Crypto is for Activists: Why We Need More Cypherpunks, Not Cypherposers

Bitcoin is activism, not a get rich quick scheme or a startup platform, says Lamassu's Zach Harvey.

Business  ·  15 December 2018

Indian Police Seize ATM Run By Crypto Exchange Unocoin

Police in the Indian city of Bangalore have seized an ATM just weeks after it was set up by crypto exchange Unocoin.

Policy & regulation  ·  24 October 2018

Montréal Bitcoin ATM Stolen in Late-Night Robbery

A late-night robbery in Montreal resulted in the theft of a bitcoin ATM, according to representatives at the shop where it was stored.

Markets  ·  23 January 2017

Bitcoin ATM Network Acquires Exchange Startup

Bitcoin exchange startup BitQuick is being acqui-hired by a US-based digital currency ATM network.

Business  ·  6 June 2016