Montréal Bitcoin ATM Stolen in Late-Night Robbery

23 January 2017

The late-night robbery of a Montreal grocery store last night resulted in the apparent theft of an on-site bitcoin ATM.

According to information provided to CoinDesk, the Euromarché grocery store on Rue Lachapelle in Montréal was targeted around 10:30pm EST. A store representative reported two unidentified individuals were involved with the theft.

Camera footage was taken of the incident and provided to local authorities with a formal report, the representative said. The store was closed when the theft took place.

The ATM was a Lamassu brand machine, operated by vendor Instacoin (which runs machines in cities like Toronto, Ottowa and Montréal, according to Instacoin did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The representative said that the ATM had been located at the store for roughly three years, and that this is the first crime to occur in conjunction with its operation.

The theft comes more than a year after thieves struck an Atlanta smoke shop, an incident during which one of the assailants fired their gun at the floor. Further, it follows reports that as many as 70 bitcoin ATMs in the US Midwest have been attacked as part of a dispute between two rival firms.

Image via Shutterstock