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Features  ·  10 August 2021

Ethereum Burns 36% of New Coin Issuance Over 2 Days

At first glance, EIP 1559 seems to be working effectively. A closer look at the numbers may suggest otherwise.

Tech  ·  6 August 2021

New CoinDesk 20 List: MATIC Is In. XTZ, YFI and NU Are Out

Introducing the new list of CoinDesk 20 assets for the third quarter.

Markets  ·  3 August 2021

Biggest DAOs Now Hold $6B Worth of Digital Assets: ConsenSys

More than $6 billion worth of digital assets are held in the 20 biggest DAOs, according to a report from ConsenSys.

News  ·  3 August 2021

Crypto User Numbers Double in 6 Months

Research carried out by identified more than 220 million users of crypto by the end of June.

Business  ·  29 July 2021

Bank of America Creates Team Dedicated to Researching Crypto

America’s second-largest bank is the latest financial institution to wade deeper into crypto.

Business  ·  8 July 2021

One in Five UK Crypto Investors Don’t Know What They’re Doing: Research

The study by behavioral finance firm Oxford Risk concludes 21% of investors rate their knowledge of crypto assets as "poor or non-existent."

News  ·  8 July 2021

4 Common Misperceptions About Ethereum’s EIP 1559 Upgrade

Here's a look at the promises of EIP 1559, expected for activation sometime next month.

Tech  ·  18 June 2021

Crypto Adoption in Australia Grows Along With Concern Over Volatility

Around one in six Australians owns crypto, a report by Finder showed.

News  ·  17 June 2021
Federal Reserve

Fed Research Finds Private Digital Currencies Can Be ‘Attractive Cash Alternative’ for Firms

The Richmond Fed looks at if and when it may be beneficial for firms to issue a digital currency in a new brief.

Policy & regulation  ·  28 May 2021

DBS Says Bitcoin Affects Stock Markets, Is ‘No Longer Fringe Asset’

The study found the correlation with S&P 500 futures rose during big bitcoin moves.

Markets  ·  26 May 2021
Federal Reserve

About 80% of Central Banks Are Exploring CBDC Use Cases, Bison Trails Report Says

The potential launch of private cryptocurrencies such as the Facebook-backed Diem is motivating central banks to develop CBDCs, the report noted.

News  ·  19 May 2021

Investment Research Firm Says Coinbase Stock Could Fall to $100

Coinbase's earnings report on Thursday will do little to shift sentiment that the exchange's shares are overvalued, according to New Constructs.

News  ·  12 May 2021

Q1 2021: Institutional Growth Slows Down, Retail Ramps Up

The institutional investment that drove crypto markets in late 2020 is starting to slow down, but retail activity is on the rise.

Markets  ·  6 April 2021

Retail Gains Amid Institutional Influx in Q1: CoinDesk Quarterly Review

CoinDesk Research presents its Q1 2021 Quarterly Review, with 100+ slides highlighting the main trends and developments investors should know about.

Markets  ·  1 April 2021