Video Games

Inside Alien Worlds, the Biggest Game in the Metaverse

The co-founder of Alien Worlds says the popular blockchain game is more than play-to-earn. It's helping educate people on crypto governance and strategy.

Features  ·  25 August 2021

‘Like-to-Earn’ NFT Platform RARA Looks to Monetize the Future of Online Engagement

RARA offers a token-powered curation system for separating the wheat from the chaff in the NFT market.

Tech  ·  18 August 2021

Binance Smart Chain Beats Ethereum by Some Metrics Thanks to Latest ‘GameFi’ Craze

Players battle for gaming rewards, while blockchains battle for players

Business  ·  6 August 2021

Gaming Community Pledges $203M in Ember Sword’s Virtual NFT Land Sale

Nearly 35,000 people submitted applications to purchase 6,000 virtual plots.

Business  ·  4 August 2021

Axie Infinity Token Price Doubles in Two Days

The Axie Infinity platform's revenue could exceed $1 billion this year, based on a Delphi Digital projection.

Markets  ·  23 July 2021

Next-Gen Game Developer Mythical Raises $75M for Playable NFTs

The funding round will offer external game developers a way to bring NFTs into their fictional worlds.

Business  ·  11 June 2021
Digital Currency Group

Decentraland Founder Unveils Project of Bringing NFTs to ‘Big-Time’ Video Games

Decentraland co-founder Ari Meilich is teaming up with gaming industry heavyweights to launch Big Time Studios. Everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Sam Bankman-Fried is involved in the $10.3 million Series A round of funding.

Business  ·  12 May 2021

Atari Plans November Premiere for Video Game Cryptocurrency

Atari's self-styled entertainment payments token has been in the works since early 2018.

News  ·  1 October 2020

Promoting a New Token? Satoshi’s Treasure Wants You to Gamify It

Satoshi’s Treasure, a global hunt for keys to a $1 million bitcoin prize, may offer a model for gamifying token issuance.

Business  ·  20 November 2019

Reddit Co-Founder Ohanian Leads $3.75 Million Round in ‘Hearthstone’ Competitor

Horizon Games is announcing a seed round from leading crypto investors as it ramps up production on its flagship game, "Skyweaver."

Markets  ·  17 July 2019
Epic Games

‘Fortnite’ Maker Teams Up With Crypto’s Steam Competitor to Boost Game Development

The Abyss, a gaming platform built on crypto, is teaming up with "Fortnite" creator Epic Games in a bid to incentivize developers.

Markets  ·  22 May 2019

Fans Can Now Bet Crypto on Twitch’s Top ‘Fortnite’ Streams

Esports platform Unikrn is debuting a new product that lets fans bet cryptocurrency on Twitch and other gaming sites.

Markets  ·  13 May 2019

‘Satoshi’s Treasure’ Is a Global Puzzle With a $1 Million Bitcoin Prize

This treasure hunt is like a bitcoin version of "Ready Player One," with the first clues released via Blockstream's satellite.

Business  ·  15 April 2019

Watch Lambos Battle for Crypto in This ‘War Riders’ Gameplay Trailer

Cartified's new game lets feuding vehicles duke it out for ERC-20 tokens. And you can watch a preview here.

Markets  ·  19 December 2018

‘Dungeon Defenders’ Game Maker to Integrate Blockchain In Sequel

The developer behind Dungeon Defenders II will integrate a blockchain with the game's rewards system.

Business  ·  7 June 2018