Brave Launches Privacy-Preserving Search Engine in Beta

It’s the latest addition to the browser’s suite of tracking prevention tools.

Business  ·  22 June 2021

Brave Browser’s Next Trick: Privacy-Preserving News Recommendations

The federated learning approach allows users to keep their data on their local device rather than on a centralized server. “Brave Today” is just step one.

Business  ·  10 June 2021

Brave Integrates .Crypto Blockchain Domains, Expanding Access to Web 3.0

Brave users can access 30,000 decentralized sites and 700,000 blockchain domain names.

Tech  ·  13 May 2021

Brave Acquires Tailcat to Create Private Search Engine Competitor to Google

The move comes as privacy continues to grow in profile to become a real market advantage.

Tech  ·  3 March 2021

Brave Browser Was Exposing Addresses in Tor Mode for Months

Not only were .onion domain requests observable but so were all domains in Tor tabs. And they had been for months.

Tech  ·  22 February 2021

Brave Becomes First Browser to Offer Native IPFS Integration

IPFS integration gives Brave users easier access to the protocol while improving the overall resilience of the internet.

Tech  ·  19 January 2021

Gemini Crypto Exchange Integrates With Privacy-Focused Brave Browser

Brave users can now use the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange to buy, sell and store crypto within their browsers.

Business  ·  15 July 2020

Brave Browser Partners With bitFlyer to Expand BAT’s Reach in Japan

The crypto exchange will build a BAT wallet for Brave as it helps the cryptocurrency grow in Japan.

News  ·  10 July 2020

Brave Browser’s Affiliate Link Controversy, Explained

Privacy browser Brave was called out this weekend when users noticed that typing "Binance" resulted in an auto-complete ending in a referral link.

Business  ·  8 June 2020

The CoinDesk 50: Brave Browser Delivered and BAT’s a DeFi Darling

Taking on powerful forces in the surveillance economy was never going to be easy. But Brendan Eich and Brave are making a good fist of it.

People  ·  8 May 2020

Bitcoin’s Lightning Becomes Latest Protocol to Court Publishers With Micropayments

With paywall systems for a whole bevy of assets, crypto payments could revolutionize the media industry – if demand actually matched supply.

Business  ·  31 March 2020

Brave Partners With Binance to Develop In-Browser Crypto Trading

Brave is in the early stages of building an in-browser trading tool with Binance and Binance America.

News  ·  26 March 2020
Basic Attention Token

Brave Browser Adds Access to New Crypto Wallets

Prior to the addition, Brave users could only place BATs in Uphold, a wallet Brave partnered with for BAT.

Tech  ·  16 August 2019
Basic Attention Token

You Can Now Tip on Twitter With Brave’s Basic Attention Token

Twitter users can tip content using Brave's Basic Attention Token, adding to its micro-tipping services.

Business  ·  1 August 2019
Venture Capital

Brave Browser to Raise Over $30 Million in Series A Equity Round: Sources

Privacy-centric web browser Brave is raising a Series A round at a valuation of roughly $133 million, sources tell CoinDesk.

Markets  ·  16 May 2019