What Binance Smart Chain’s Lagging Performance Means for Layer 1 Blockchains

The former Ethereum alternative darling is far off its all-time high for total value locked.

Markets  ·  25 August 2021

FCA Said Binance Had Complied With Its Requirements, But Was ‘Not Capable’ of Being Supervised

The FCA had ordered Binance to cease carrying out regulated activity in the U.K.

News  ·  25 August 2021

Binance Hires Former Abu Dhabi Global Market Head as Singapore CEO

The move provides an opportunity to get ahead of the regulatory curve – a sore point for the exchange in recent weeks.

News  ·  23 August 2021

Binance Suspends Futures in Brazil Citing Regulatory Requirements

The product was removed in response to an order from the Brazilian Securities Commission.

News  ·  20 August 2021

Binance Tightens Customer Verification Requirements

New customers will have to supply a government ID and pass facial verification to meet Binance's "Intermediate" verification.

News  ·  20 August 2021

Binance.US Taps Joshua Sroge to Be Interim CEO

Sroge takes over from Brian Brooks, who resigned unexpectedly after just four months.

News  ·  19 August 2021

Binance Extends Restrictions on Derivatives Offering in Australia

The move is the latest by Binance to address regulatory and compliance concerns proactively in response to intense regulatory scrutiny.

News  ·  19 August 2021

Netherlands’ Central Bank Issues Binance Warning

The Dutch central bank joined the ranks of regulators issuing warnings about the crypto exchange's activities.

Policy & regulation  ·  18 August 2021

Binance Wants Former Abu Dhabi Global Market Head as Asia CEO: Report

The exchange has become more proactive in dealing with regulators amid heightened scrutiny.

News  ·  17 August 2021

Binance Ordered by London High Court to Trace $2.6M Hackers alleges hackers stole assets from its Binance account before selling them at a fraction of their value.

News  ·  13 August 2021

Binance Discontinues South Korean Won Trading Pairs, Payment Options

The crypto exchange will discontinue Korean language support and remove won trading pairs.

News  ·  13 August 2021

Changing Crypto Trading Patterns Reveal the Market’s Power Shift to the West

Blockchain data firm Kaiko analyzed trading activity on centralized exchanges from different days and time zones.

Markets  ·  10 August 2021

Binance to Perform Reverse Splits on Uniswap, Litecoin-Linked Tokens

The exchange will consolidate UNIDOWN and LTCDOWN tokens by 100,000 to 1.

News  ·  9 August 2021

Binance.US CEO Brian Brooks Quits, Cites ‘Strategic Differences’

Brooks confirmed in an email that his Twitter account was not hacked.

Business  ·  6 August 2021

Binance to Wind Down Hong Kong Derivatives Trading in Switch to ‘Proactive’ Compliance Stance

Regulators worldwide have said the exchange isn't authorized to conduct regulated activities in their countries.

Policy & regulation  ·  6 August 2021