Washington Should Let DeFi Succeed

Regulators should prosecute fraud, but also acknowledge the limits of their effectiveness and allow DeFi to mature.

Opinion  ·  23 July 2021

What Is Bitcoin Freedom?

Bitcoin is not just for libertarians or progressives. It's a system firmly rooted in the republican notion of non-dominance.

Opinion  ·  23 July 2021

Ethereum’s Political Philosophy Explained

Conceptions of Bitcoin's political philosophy are well known. Paul Ennis examines what ideology animates Ethereum.

Opinion  ·  9 July 2021

State of Crypto: Inside the NRCC’s Plan to Accept Crypto Donations

The NRCC will soon accept crypto donations because Republican donors requested the payment method, the campaign committee's chair said.

Policy & regulation  ·  29 June 2021
New York

NYC Mayoral Front Runner Eric Adams Says City Will Become ‘Center of Bitcoins’

"We're going to become the center of life science, the center of cybersecurity ... the center of bitcoins," said Adams.

News  ·  24 June 2021

Examine Blockchain for Ways to Stop Forced-Labor Goods, Australian Committee Says

Blockchain could "empower" companies and governments to more "effectively" trace their supply chains, the Senate committee said.

News  ·  18 June 2021

Republican House Campaign Arm to Accept Donations in Crypto

The crypto will be converted into U.S. dollars first, before being deposited into the National Republican Congressional Committee's account.

News  ·  17 June 2021

Australian Minister Says Government Has ‘No Issue’ With Crypto Investment

Senator Jane Hume also said cryptocurrencies are "an asset class that will grow in importance."

Policy & regulation  ·  20 May 2021
Crypto Taxes

Coinbase CEO Armstrong Lobbies US Lawmakers as Crypto Scrutiny Ramps Up

Armstrong said he visited Capitol Hill to network and help answer questions about crypto.

News  ·  18 May 2021

New FTX Derivative Lets Traders Bet on Re-Election of Brazil’s Bolsonaro

The “Bolsonaro 2022” futures contract should theoretically track the Brazilian president’s perceived chances of re-election.

Markets  ·  17 May 2021
Department of Justice

Rep. Gaetz of Blockchain Caucus Faces Investigation for Sexual Misconduct: Report

An investigation into the congressman was opened during the final months of the Trump administration.

News  ·  30 March 2021

State of Crypto: Unpacking the Trump Presidency’s Crypto Legacy

Donald Trump may have been anti-crypto but his appointed regulators ushered in a largely industry-friendly regime.

Policy & regulation  ·  26 January 2021

Women in Tech Say Proposed STABLE Act Harms Those It Claims to Protect

Women of color from the cryptocurrency industry are concerned the STABLE Act would make wealth disparities in the U.S. much worse.

Policy & regulation  ·  11 December 2020

Ukrainian Politician Discloses Owning $24M in Privacy Coin Monero

The city council member in Kramatorsk, Ukraine, bought 185,000 XMR in 2015 when the cryptocurrency's price was well below $1.

News  ·  10 December 2020

Bolivia Essentially Banned Crypto but Blockchain Advocates Are Pushing Back

Bolivia is one of the rare countries that has essentially banned cryptocurrency, but the nation's blockchain advocates aren't giving up.

Policy & regulation  ·  4 December 2020