Okcoin Awards $100K Grant to Bitcoin Development Non-Profit Brink

The grants allow more developers to maintain and support Bitcoin’s codebase.

Tech  ·  10 June 2021

Okcoin Integrates With Polygon to Reduce Users’ Ethereum Gas Fees

The move lets users skip depositing to an ETH wallet, saving the associated fees.

Tech  ·  3 June 2021
Lightning Network

OKCoin Toasts Its Bitcoin Lightning Network Launch With New Developer Grant

OKCoin joins roughly half a dozen exchanges that support the scaling technology.

Tech  ·  4 March 2021
Bitcoin SV

OKCoin Delists Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV to Avoid ‘Misleading’ New Bitcoin Clients

It became a choice between protecting Bitcoin’s open-source ethos or championing free-market fundamentals. In the end, community won out.

Tech  ·  19 February 2021

OKCoin to Integrate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network in Q1

The feature, added to alleviate fee pressure during Bitcoin’s bull market, could be live within a month's time.

Tech  ·  22 January 2021

OKCoin to Suspend XRP Trading and Deposits on Jan. 4

OKCoin became the latest exchange to suspend XRP trading and deposits as of early next year.

Policy & regulation  ·  28 December 2020

OKCoin Debuts CeFi-DeFi Mashup With Portal for Stablecoin Deposits

OKCoin is allowing users to invest in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications through its site without paying gas fees.

Business  ·  16 December 2020

OKCoin Agrees to List Blockstack’s STX Token in US Following New Network Launch

OKCoin announced it will become the first U.S.-based crypto exchange to list Blockstack PBC’s stacks token (STX).

Markets  ·  9 December 2020

OKCoin Exchange Awards Grant to One of Bitcoin Core’s Most Active Developers

The grant from OKCoin will allow Bitcoin developer Marco Falke to continue the maintenance work he's done since 2016, like reviewing proposed code changes.

Tech  ·  6 August 2020

OKCoin Joins Coinbase in Supplying Oracle Feed for DeFi Project Compound

OKCoin says its regulated status and liquidity mean users will be able to trust that its data feed will be accurate and reliable.

Markets  ·  16 July 2020

OKCoin, BitMEX Sponsor Bitcoin Core Developer Amiti Uttarwar

OKCoin and BitMEX just sponsored another Bitcoin Core developer, Amiti Uttarwar, who is focused on privacy tech and education.

Tech  ·  18 June 2020

Why Crypto Exchange OKCoin Jumped Through Hoops to Get Licensed in Japan

While Japan is known for its retail market, crypto exchange OKCoin believes the country’s strict licensing regime will attract institutional investors.

Policy & regulation  ·  1 May 2020

Crypto Exchange OKCoin Appoints New CEO to Drive US Expansion

Outgoing OkCoin CEO Tim Byun will lead OK Group's global government relations from the end of March.

Markets  ·  6 March 2020

Crypto Exchange OKCoin Expands Trading Services to Europe

Cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin has launched in the EU, opening up euro pairs to traders for the first time.

Markets  ·  5 June 2019

OKCoin Exchange Invests in Crypto Custody Firm Prime Trust

Cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin has invested an undisclosed amount in crypto custody provider Prime Trust.

Business  ·  18 April 2019