Alchemy Expands Free Tier in Bid to Attract More Blockchain Developers to Platform

The blockchain infrastructure startup says easy access to developer services helps projects "unfold at a higher velocity."

Tech  ·  20 August 2021

Bitcoin Development Boost: FTX Is Donating $450K to Brink

Sam Bankman-Fried's crypto exchange is committing to a three-year sponsorship of the coding nonprofit.

Tech  ·  13 August 2021
Funding Rounds

Biconomy Raises $9M to Make Building Dapps Easier for Developers

Coinbase Ventures and Huobi Innovation Labs were among the investors.

Business  ·  28 July 2021

Coinbase’s Bison Trails Adds Developer Tool for Solana Blockchain

The network is now among the 20 or so supported by Bison Trails’ “Query & Transact” product.

Tech  ·  20 July 2021

Okcoin Awards $100K Grant to Bitcoin Development Non-Profit Brink

The grants allow more developers to maintain and support Bitcoin’s codebase.

Tech  ·  10 June 2021

BitMEX, Human Rights Foundation Award Bitcoin Developer Grants Worth $150K

South Korea-based Calvin Kim works primarily on the bitcoin scaling project Utreexo.

Tech  ·  31 May 2021

Dogecoin to Get DevOps Support for Commercial Apps Via DogeLabs.IO, AppSwarm

The DevOps team will be responsible for expanding projects related to the memecoin.

News  ·  12 May 2021

‘Speedy Trial’ Taproot Activation on Bitcoin Could Still Include a Safety Net

Speedy Trial is nearly approved for activating Taproot, but the code may still include a “user activated soft fork” safety net, just in case.

Tech  ·  18 March 2021
Lightning Network

OKCoin Toasts Its Bitcoin Lightning Network Launch With New Developer Grant

OKCoin joins roughly half a dozen exchanges that support the scaling technology.

Tech  ·  4 March 2021

Craig Wright Demands Bitcoin Developers Give Him Access to Stolen Mt. Gox Coins

Craig Wright claims someone “stole” 110k BTC from him from wallets connected to the Mt. Gox hack. He wants Bitcoin developers to get them back.

Tech  ·  24 February 2021

Taproot Update: Bitcoin Users Home In on Activation Plan, Date Still TBD

The meeting ended with rough consensus in favor of BIP8 (false), as well as with approval of two possible methods to put this BIP into motion.

Tech  ·  3 February 2021

Valid Points: CoinDesk’s Ethereum 2.0 Validator Is Officially Staked

Ethereum developers met Tuesday to compare research on the eventual merge of Eth 1.x and Eth 2.0.

Tech  ·  3 February 2021

Blockchain Bites: IBM Blockchain Bleeds, Exchange Tokens Pump, ETH Hits New High

A new report from Outlier Ventures provides a map of blockchain development activity. Ethereum, Cosmos and Bitcoin lead the pack.

News  ·  2 February 2021

Are You Running a Bitcoin Node?

And if you aren't, what's stopping you?

Tech  ·  29 January 2021

Longtime Bitcoin Developer Jonas Schnelli Receives Open Source Grant

Jonas Schnelli joins other Bitcoin developers who are sponsored by high-caliber Bitcoin companies.

Tech  ·  28 January 2021