Hyperledger Fabric

Russia’s Sberbank Launches Blockchain on Hyperledger, Mulls Stablecoin in 2021

Russia's largest retail bank is launching a Hyperledger-powered blockchain for trade finance initially, and may add a ruble-linked stablecoin next year

Tech  ·  6 August 2020

IBM Takes 7% Stake in Trade Finance Blockchain Network We.Trade

IBM has become a shareholder in we.trade, the blockchain-based trade-finance platform jointly owned by 12 European banks.

Business  ·  21 May 2020
Smart Contracts

IBM Blockchain to Offer Decentralized Smart Contract Option

IBM is implementing the Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 base layer to support smart contract governance on its blockchain platform.

Tech  ·  12 May 2020
Hyperledger Fabric

State Street Slashes DLT Developer Team as Bank Rethinks Blockchain Strategy

State Street Bank has cut over 100 blockchain developer jobs as part of a pivot from transforming its plumbing with DLT to supporting digital assets.

Business  ·  3 December 2019

Foreign Exchange Giant CLS Admits: No, We Don’t Need a Blockchain for That

Forex giant CLS is now using a blockchain to handle certain currency trades, but the technology is “not essential” for the task, an executive admits.

Business  ·  8 October 2019
Hyperledger Fabric

Energy Commodities Trading Software Launches on Hyperledger Fabric

A new software based on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain was launched for commodities trading for the gas industry.

Markets  ·  30 September 2019
Hyperledger Fabric

Travelport, IBM Collaborate on Blockchain for Hotel Commissions

Blockchain will reduce the amount of discrepancies in booking data caused by hotel no-shows, overstays, and room modifications.

Markets  ·  21 August 2019

It Took 18 Months, But This Blockchain Securities Firm Got the Nod From FINRA

FINRA has approved iownit as a broker-dealer, clearing the firm to offer digital securities on a private Hyperledger blockchain.

Policy & regulation  ·  20 August 2019

ConsenSys-Backed Truffle Is Taking Its Dev Tools Beyond Just Ethereum

Truffle is expanding to Hyperledger Fabric, Tezos and R3's Corda after clocking 3.5 million downloads from ethereum developers.

Markets  ·  2 August 2019

State Street’s Blockchain Lead Departs to Build Data Privacy Startup

Moiz Kohari, State Street's global chief technology architect, has left to build a new data privacy startup.

Business  ·  23 May 2019
Hyperledger Fabric

Digital Asset’s Smart Contract Language Now Works on Hyperledger Blockchains

Digital Asset is integrating its smart contract language into the Hyperledger Sawtooth enterprise blockchain platform.

Business  ·  16 April 2019

IBM Scores Nationwide Blockchain Deal With France’s Commercial Court Clerks

Court clerks across France will soon be recording changes in companies' legal status on a Hyperledger blockchain built by IBM.

Markets  ·  14 March 2019

Blockchain-for-Banks Startup Switches From Hyperledger to R3’s Corda

MonetaGo, which builds private blockchains for banks, has switched platforms from Hyperledger Fabric to R3 Corda.

Business  ·  26 February 2019
Supply Chain

Oracle’s First Dozen Cloud Blockchain Applications Are Now Live

The software giant now has up to a dozen enterprise customers using live blockchain applications.

Business  ·  12 February 2019
Hyperledger Fabric

Ford, LG to Pilot IBM Blockchain in Fight Against Child Labor

A new blockchain project will track cobalt from a mine in Africa to a Ford Motor plant in the U.S.

Markets  ·  16 January 2019