A16z Leads $20M Bet That Celo’s Valora Becomes a ‘Global Gateway to Crypto’

The digital wallet has been spun out of parent company cLabs with some fresh funding.

Business  ·  27 July 2021

Opera Browser Adds First Stablecoins to Native Wallet – cUSD, cEUR

Opera said the Celo tie-up is part of an overall strategy to eliminate hurdles to using blockchain technology.

Business  ·  25 June 2021

Anchorage Adds Custody for Celo’s Euro Stablecoin

The cEUR token, which tracks the price of the euro, joins cUSD, which tracks the U.S. dollar.

News  ·  24 June 2021

A16z Joins Forces With Deutsche Telekom in Staking CELO Tokens

A European telco and a U.S. VC giant walk into a proof-of-stake network…

Business  ·  22 June 2021

Celo Network Adds Deutsche Telekom as Partner; German Telco Buys ‘Significant’ CELO Position

Big companies buying bitcoin for their balance sheets is so last year.

Business  ·  20 April 2021

Former Citigroup Chairman Joins Board of Crypto Payments Firm Celo

Dick Parsons could bring a critical eye to some of the decentralized finance protocols that look like structured products, said Celo co-founder Rene Reinsberg.

News  ·  16 April 2021

Blockchain Data Indexer ‘The Graph’ to Support Polkadot, Solana, NEAR and Celo

The project’s custom API “subgraphs” provide data to some of Ethereum’s top DeFi apps.

Tech  ·  18 February 2021

Payments Startup Celo Raises $20M From a16z, Electric Capital

Celo offers a blockchain payments platform using customers' cellphone numbers to secure their public keys.

Business  ·  10 February 2021

$175K Donation to Coin Center Tops Latest Fundraising Push for Crypto Policy Group

The donation from a group headlined by NEAR, Solana and Celo comes in addition to $300,000 raised via Gitcoin.

Policy & regulation  ·  23 December 2020

Will the Next M-Pesa Be a Blockchain App?

A contest for inclusive fintech shows the potential for crypto-related tech to help the world's poor, but also how much it still needs to develop.

People  ·  10 December 2020

cLabs Acquires Summa to Boost Crypto Interoperability on Celo

Token startup cLabs just acquired decentralized finance (DeFi) startup Summa, best known for its interoperability work with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Business  ·  13 August 2020

Brazil’s Ailing Economy Is Helping Dollar-Pegged Stablecoins Find Traction

Brazilian crypto users are increasingly turning to USD-pegged stablecoins as the country's real sinks to record lows against the dollar.

Business  ·  8 July 2020

Investors on CoinList Pour $10M Into Celo Token Sale in Roughly 12 Hours

Silicon Valley blockchain startup cLabs just raised $10 million for the Celo project through a token sale to investors on CoinList.

Business  ·  13 May 2020

Why Crypto Matters for Financial Inclusion, Feat. Celo’s Marek Olszewski

In a world of centralized mobile money solutions, do decentralized, permissionless currencies matter?

People  ·  5 May 2020

Why This Global Crisis Is a Defining Moment for Stablecoins

The programmability of stablecoins will "change how we think about money itself," says cLabs' Marek Olszewski.

Business  ·  18 April 2020