EU-Backed Investment Fund Puts $30M Into Crypto VC Firm’s New $130M Vehicle

The backing of Fabric Ventures marks the first time a fund affiliated with the European Commission has invested in digital assets.

Business  ·  29 July 2021

First Decentralized Exchange Launches on Polkadot and Kusama Ecosystem

Karura Swap opened for trading with $3.4 million in total value locked.

News  ·  23 July 2021

Polkadot on Coinbase Went Up More Than 70% in the Midst of Crypto Market Sell-Off

DOT was one of the day's biggest winners.

Markets  ·  22 June 2021

DeFi Network Karura Wins First Auction Slot on Kusama

More than 15,000 network stakeholders locked up KSM in favor of Karura being added.

News  ·  22 June 2021

Security Audit Firm Raises $5.3M From Funds Investing in Polkadot, Cardano Blockchains

Runtime Verification checks smart contracts for errors, perhaps most famously with Uniswap.

News  ·  18 June 2021

Coinbase Adds Polkadot Trading to Pro Platform

Trading will begin on or after 9 a.m. PT Wednesday.

News  ·  14 June 2021

Lending Startup Parallel Finance Raises $2M to Bring More DeFi to Polkadot, Kusama

Pantera and Polychain are backing the project.

Tech  ·  14 June 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Flat at $37K as Investors Tangle With Bulls and Bears

Positive news from El Salvador couldn't completely overcome negative news out of China.

Markets  ·  11 June 2021

Stake Technologies Raises $10M Ahead of Polkadot and Kusama Auctions

With auctions to win a place building on the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem beginning soon, projects are coming out with strategies to secure one of the coveted slots.

Tech  ·  11 June 2021

Market Wrap: Bullish Basel News Causes BTC Jump to Week-High $38K Level; ETH Slips

Bitcoin busted out a quick 5% gain early Thursday on positive news from that continent before losing some steam.

Markets  ·  10 June 2021

DeFi Network Karura Raises $100M Ahead of Kusama’s Parachain Auction

The money came from a "crowd loan" and included more than 8,500 contributors.

News  ·  10 June 2021

Kraken Now Lets Users Back Contender Projects on Polkadot’s Kusama Platform

Kraken is adding support for Kusama parachain auctions, allowing users to effectively vote for their favorite projects.

News  ·  8 June 2021

Polkadot Network to Start Parachain Auctions Next Week

The start date was heralded by the upgrade to Kusama’s Statemine parachain, Polkadot founder Gavin Wood said Tuesday.

Tech  ·  8 June 2021

Market Wrap: Ether Trading Volume Up, Closing In on Bitcoin; Crypto Market Struggles

Action in the ether market might take the spotlight from bitcoin over time due to very different mechanics between the two assets.

Markets  ·  25 May 2021

Polkadot’s Gavin Wood: WebAssembly Is the Future of Smart Contracts, but ‘Legacy’ EVM Is Right Now

“It's super important to support these legacy protocols, these legacy languages, and that's what we're doing,” says the former Ethereum developer.

Tech  ·  25 May 2021