Argentinian Crypto Exchange Lemon Cash Raises $16M to Expand in Latin America

The company plans to expand its operations n Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay by the end of 2022.

News  ·  27 July 2021

Argentinian Crypto Exchange Buenbit Raises $11M to Expand in Latin America

Buenbit plans to expand in Peru, Colombia and either Brazil or Mexico.

News  ·  12 July 2021
Latin America

Argentine Lawmaker Proposes Bill for Businesses to Pay Employees in Crypto

Independent deputy Jose Luis Ramon said his bill would promote greater autonomy and self-governance for Argentina's citizens.

News  ·  7 July 2021

Banco Central argentino investiga a nueve empresas fintech por uso ilegal de criptomonedas

Si confirma los hechos, iniciará denuncias penales que pueden incluir penas de prisión.

News  ·  11 June 2021
Central Banks

Argentina Is Investigating 9 Fintech Firms for Illegally Using Crypto

If the BCRA confirms its suspicions, it will initiate criminal complaints against the companies.

News  ·  11 June 2021
Crypto Taxes

Argentina’s Tax Authority Orders Crypto Exchanges to File Information on Transactions: Report

Crypto adoption has been healthy in Argentina, with citizens seeking alternative ways of storing wealth amid the country’s economic woes.

Policy & regulation  ·  14 May 2021

Stablecoins Like USDC See Growing Demand in Latin America: Bitso CEO

Latin Americans are increasingly turning to stablecoins as a store of value.

Business  ·  11 May 2021
Bitcoin Mining

Bitfarms Plans 210 MW Bitcoin Mining Facility in Argentina

The Canadian mining firm’s project will be able to power some 55,000 new-generation mining machines.

News  ·  19 April 2021

Hard-Hit Argentinian Farmers May Get Boost From Trading Platform for Tokenized Produce

Farm assets like soybeans will be tokenized on a platform from CoreLedger for trading against other assets like cattle or fiat currency.

Tech  ·  28 January 2021

Why Argentines Are Turning From Dollars to Stablecoins Like DAI

A cocktail of high inflation, devaluation and lack of access to U.S. dollars has led Argentines to find in the decentralized stablecoin a way to protect their battered incomes.

Markets  ·  22 December 2020

Los argentinos están cambiando su obsesión histórica con el dólar por DAI

Un cóctel de alta inflación, devaluaciones y falta de acceso a dólares los ha llevado a encontrar en esa moneda descentralizada una manera de proteger sus castigados ingresos.

Markets  ·  22 December 2020
Latin America

Las Criptomonedas Surgen en la Desafiante Economía de Argentina

La industria de la criptografía de Argentina registró volúmenes comerciales récord este año, en medio de la pandemia de COVID-19 y las dificultades económicas.

Markets  ·  15 December 2020
Latin America

Crypto Is Booming in Economically Challenged Argentina

Argentina's crypto industry saw record trading volumes this year, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and economic hardship.

Markets  ·  14 December 2020
Latin America

Crypto Remittances Prove Their Worth in Latin America

Crypto remittances are growing in Latin America, particularly in the wake of other remittance platforms shutting off access to some markets.

Markets  ·  9 December 2020

Venezuela’s Bitcoin Story Puts It in a Category of One

Venezuela’s peer-to-peer bitcoin activity has been extraordinary, whether measured as an absolute or relative to GDP, according to CoinDesk Research data.

Business  ·  11 November 2020