EU-Thailand Remittance Corridor Opened on Stellar Blockchain

Velo Labs has joined with TEMPO Payments and Bitazza to facilitate transfers on the Stellar blockchain.

News  ·  11 August 2021

Stellar Foundation Eyes Potential Acquisition of MoneyGram: Report

The supporter of blockchain-based payment services is partnering with private equity firm Advent on the potential deal.

News  ·  21 July 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Fails Test of $40K While Ether Loses Steam Near $2.9K

Meanwhile, the cost of gas fees on the Ethereum network is near a three-month low.

Markets  ·  3 June 2021

Stellar Foundation Invests $15M in AirTM to Boost Financial Services in Latin America

The investment extends the Stellar network's reach into Latin America and aims to improve digital payments across the region.

Business  ·  25 May 2021

Market Wrap: Ether Climbs, Pushing Past ‘Musk Dip’ as Crypto Volatility Increases

Investors are buying and no longer panicking.

Markets  ·  18 May 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Falls for Second Straight Day After Tesla Action; Ether Follows

“What saddens me is the way the weak hands and recent buyers see Elon Musk as a prophet, powerhouse and decisive figure in bitcoin,” said one trader.

Markets  ·  13 May 2021

Market Wrap: DeFi Tokens Aave and Uniswap Climb While ETH and BTC Dump

“The crypto market is primarily focused on Ethereum and the catapulting DeFi sector right now,” said one analyst.

Markets  ·  12 May 2021

Market Wrap: ‘Ethereum Killers’ Pop as ING Report Highlights Ethereum Over Bitcoin

Atcoins are rising, ether hits another all-time high and bitcoin’s correlation to gold drops to zero.

Markets  ·  6 May 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Stays Near $55K as Ether Hits Brand-New Record Price

Bitcoin’s stagnant market is due to investors continuing to explore other cryptocurrencies, says one trader.

Markets  ·  28 April 2021

21Shares Launching Stellar and Cardano ETPs on SIX Exchange

The XLM and ADA vehicles will go live on Monday.

Business  ·  22 April 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin in Neutral at $55.5K as Ether Continues Bull Run

The price of bitcoin has changed little over the past 24 hours, despite the asset’s notorious volatility.

Markets  ·  21 April 2021

Stellar Foundation Implements Protocol Upgrade Following Node Outage

A fix has been implemented after an outage caused certain nodes, including those run by the Stellar Development Foundation, to go offline.

News  ·  12 April 2021

Several Stellar Nodes Go Offline, Team Says Network ‘Still Functioning’ Though Some Transactions Fail

The node outage has led to some exchanges halting withdrawals.

News  ·  6 April 2021
Digital Dollar

Bermuda to Pilot Digital Dollar for Rum Sales

In Bermuda, you may soon be able to use digital dollars to buy rum. Canadian fintech firm Bidali announced Thursday that, with the support of the Bermuda government, it has launched a pilot to test a digital Bermuda dollar. Under the pilot program, popular local rum company Gosling’s Limited will be accepting digital Bermuda dollars […]

News  ·  18 February 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Drops to $36.3K as DeFi Jumps to $32B on Ether FOMO

The amount of crypto in USD values locked in decentralized finance has reached $32.8 billion, a new high.

Markets  ·  4 February 2021