Ethereum’s Most Popular Software Client Issues Hotfix to High Severity Bug

The release was posted to GitHub at 07:08 UTC Tuesday. Details of the fixes weren't immediately disclosed.

Tech  ·  24 August 2021

Bug Found in Decoy Algorithm for Privacy Coin Monero

"This does not reveal anything about addresses or transaction amounts ... This bug persists in the official wallet code today," Monero said.

News  ·  27 July 2021

Several Stellar Nodes Go Offline, Team Says Network ‘Still Functioning’ Though Some Transactions Fail

The node outage has led to some exchanges halting withdrawals.

News  ·  6 April 2021

Tesla Just Helped Patch a Bug in This Open-Source Bitcoin Payment Processor

The carmaker's assistance to BTCPay Server is another sign of its serious commitment to bitcoin, beyond holding it in its treasury and accepting it as payment.

News  ·  31 March 2021

Electrum Developers Apply Fix After Apple Update Bricks Bitcoin Wallets

Apple's most recent Mac update is causing major problems for one of Bitcoin’s oldest wallets.

Tech  ·  18 November 2020

‘High’ Severity Bug in Bitcoin Software Revealed 2 Years After Fix

A previously undisclosed bug in Bitcoin Core could have let attackers steal Lightning Network funds, delay transfers or split the network had it not been patched in 2018.

Tech  ·  9 September 2020

Buggy Code Release Knocks 13% of Ethereum Nodes Offline

Over 1,000 Ethereum nodes will have to resync or find a new client provider after a critical bug in OpenEthereum’s codebase was revealed.

Tech  ·  27 August 2020

Ethereum Tokens Worth $1B Vulnerable to ‘Fake Deposit Attack’

A software bug that deposits fake balances into cryptocurrency exchange wallets has been detected in 7,772 ERC-20 tokens worth over $1 billion.

Tech  ·  25 August 2020

Fixing This Bitcoin-Killing Bug Will (Eventually) Require a Hard Fork

The bug sheds light on the challenges of Bitcoin's decentralization. At least we've got 86 years for the community to join together and implement a fix.

Tech  ·  7 August 2020

Twitter Bug Exposed Millions of User Phone Numbers

A bug in Twitter's Android app let users connect random phone numbers to real Twitter handles.

Tech  ·  26 December 2019

A Dangerous Bug in Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Has Been Fixed

Bitcoin developer Rusty Russell disclosed Friday the lightning network vulnerability that forced software upgrades in July.

Markets  ·  27 September 2019

Coinbase Reveals Password Glitch Affecting 3,500 Customers

The rare bug impacted roughly .01 percent of the exchange's 30 million customers, Coinbase revealed Friday.

Markets  ·  16 August 2019

Tendermint Says Last Month’s Cosmos Vulnerability Exposed Security Loophole

Tendermint, the firm behind the core technology of Cosmos, has released a full disclosure about a past vulnerability in the Cosmos SDK.

Tech  ·  17 June 2019

What the Foreshadow Flaw Means for the Future of Cryptocurrency

A new security flaw doesn't bode well for experimental cryptocurrency projects looking to use trusted hardware in the near future.

Tech  ·  16 August 2018

Cold Reception? Crypto Critics Ignite After EOS Blockchain ‘Freeze’

Over the weekend, transactions on the live EOS blockchain came to a complete – yet temporary – halt. 

Tech  ·  18 June 2018