Most Fund Managers Say Bitcoin Still in a Bubble: Bank of America Survey

The results are up six percentage points from last month’s data, indicating sentiment on Wall Street has turned more bearish.

Markets  ·  15 June 2021

Crypto Hedge Funds Show Growing Appetite for DeFi: PwC

Crypto hedge funds had $3.8 billion in assets under management in 2020. Chainlink, Polkadot and Aave tokens proved to be popular.

Business  ·  24 May 2021

Retail Gains Amid Institutional Influx in Q1: CoinDesk Quarterly Review

CoinDesk Research presents its Q1 2021 Quarterly Review, with 100+ slides highlighting the main trends and developments investors should know about.

Markets  ·  1 April 2021

Bitcoin Is ‘Too Important to Ignore’: Deutsche Bank Report

Bitcoin's price could continue to rise if it continues to attract asset managers and companies, says the bank.

News  ·  18 March 2021

PwC Report Points to Banner Year for Crypto M&A and Fundraising Deals

The value of acquisitions in the first half of 2020 has already surpassed that of full-year 2019, according to a new report by PwC.

Business  ·  15 October 2020

Crypto M&A and Fundraising Dropped Sharply in 2019: PwC Report

The value of crypto M&A deals last year dropped by a whopping 76 percent, according to a new report by PwC – down from $1.9 billion in 2018 to $451 million in 2019.

Business  ·  6 April 2020

Crypto Scams Pose More Risk Than Payments Fraud, Report Suggests

Cryptocurrency scams in 2019 were more risky for U.S. residents than fraud involving romance or payments, says the Better Business Bureau.

News  ·  11 March 2020

Cybercriminals Selling Hacked Fiat Money for Bitcoin at 10% of Its Value

Dark market sellers are offering fiat cash for bitcoin at heavily discounted prices, but there's a catch.

Policy & regulation  ·  13 September 2019

PwC Report Shows Major Growth in Crypto M&A in Asia and Europe

Asia and Europe have surpassed the previously dominant role of the Americas in crypto fundraising, according to a new report from PwC.

Markets  ·  12 September 2019

North Korea Stole $2 Billion in Crypto and Fiat to Fund Weapons Programs

North Korea is funding its weapons of mass destruction via hacks of banks and crypto exchanges, says a confidential U.N. report.

Policy & regulation  ·  6 August 2019

Australian Crypto Scam Reports Rose Almost 200% in 2018

Australia saw a surge in reports of scams involving cryptocurrencies last year, according to the country's consumer watchdog.

Policy & regulation  ·  29 April 2019

Bond Rating Agency Moody’s Warns on Risks of Private Blockchains

Rating agency Moody's has warned of several risks of private, centralized blockchains in a report examining the tech's pros and cons.

Markets  ·  29 April 2019

EU Report: Blockchain Adoption Will Be Led by Permissioned Platforms

Blockchain adoption will be led by permissioned platforms focused on specific use cases or user bases, according to a new EU report.

Tech  ·  12 March 2019

Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Existing Laws Should Apply to Blockchain

A Hong Kong Stock Exchange research report proposes that blockchain-based financial activities should be governed under existing regulations.

Policy & regulation  ·  22 October 2018

EU Markets Regulator Budgets €1.1 Million to Monitor Cryptos, Fintech

The EU's financial markets watchdog is setting aside over €1 million in order to monitor cryptocurrencies and other fintech activities in 2019.

Policy & regulation  ·  4 October 2018