Non-Fungible Tokens

NFT Aggregator Platform HODL Assets Acquires Crypto-Commerce Firm CoinLinked

HODL Assets is moving forward in its efforts to secure a Series A funding round to fuel expansion of its operations.

News  ·  25 August 2021

¿Qué es un token cripto semifungible?

Tras el boom de los NFTs, ahora los SFTs representan un grupo relativamente nuevo de tokens que pueden ser tanto fungibles como no fungibles.

Tech  ·  18 August 2021

Q1 2021 Industry Trends: NFTs Rise to Fame, DeFi Consolidates 2020 Gains

Trading volume on decentralized exchanges also saw a similar pattern of steady growth and a slight decline near the end of the first quarter.

Business  ·  21 April 2021

NFT Frenzy Shows Signs of Cooling but Don’t Call It a Market Crash

NFT prices are falling, but it doesn't point to a market crash as investors eye long-term value.

Markets  ·  7 April 2021

Sotheby’s Plans Its First NFT Auction With Artist Pak and Nifty Gateway

The top auction house said its first auction of NFTs created by anonymous artist Pak “scrutinizes our understanding of value.”

News  ·  6 April 2021

Mark Cuban-Backed Nifty’s Hires Law Pro as IP Questions Dog NFT Market

As chief legal officer, Olta Andoni will be navigating uncharted waters, given the novel and complex issues posed by NFTs.

People  ·  6 April 2021
Music Industry

Music Mogul Akon Gets In on the NFT Action with AkoinNFT Platform

It has been a challenging time for creatives. NFTs have seen growth by creating opportunities for struggling artists and their fans.

News  ·  1 April 2021
First Mover

Investor Gary Vaynerchuk Says NFTs Are Like the Dot-Com Bubble

"We are in a very similar place to where we were with internet stocks in 2000," the CEO of VaynerMedia said of Tuesday.

News  ·  16 March 2021

Sotheby’s Moves Into ‘New World’ of Digital Art and NFTs

"There's a lot here that's really exciting and, we think, has staying power," said CEO Charles Stewart.

Business  ·  16 March 2021

Now Robots Are Making Digital Art NFTs

A new collaboration with Andrea Bonaceto sees Sophia the robot put "her" interpretation on the NFT artworks.

Business  ·  15 March 2021

Batman Is Ours Alone to Exploit. DC Comics Warns Against Using Its Characters in NFTs

DC Comics, Inc., a subsidiary of Warner Bros, is unhappy with artists using its intellectual property in non-fungible tokens. The publisher has its own plans.

News  ·  13 March 2021

Why the NFT Frenzy Won’t Drive Up Prices for Bitcoin Just Yet

The relative sizes of the markets means it's effectively impossible for NFTs to have a price impact on bitcoin. That may change in future.

Markets  ·  12 March 2021
Dapper Labs

Kraken Clients Stake $725M of FLOW Tokens, Buying Into NFT Frenzy

The surge in staking activity – similar to depositing money in an interest-bearing account – reflects the broader NFT frenzy.

Markets  ·  12 March 2021

NFT Art Craze Spreads to China

The exhibition titled “Virtual Niche—Have you ever seen memes in the mirror?” will run from March 26 until April 4 in Beijing before moving on to Shanghai.

News  ·  12 March 2021

Soaring Prices for Enjin, FLOW and Rarible Reveal Risks of ‘NFT Marketplace’ Tokens

Traders think they have a way to profit off NFTs without actually buying them. Buyers still need to be cautious.

Markets  ·  5 March 2021