Dapper Labs

WNBA ‘Moments’ Are Coming to Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot

The league is making its first foray into NFTs as it looks to capitalize on a surge of new fans.

Business  ·  25 August 2021

Flow Token From Dapper Labs Soars After Binance Listing

The token began the day at $18.26 and climbed to $27.56 after the announcement from Binance, according to data from Messari.

Markets  ·  30 July 2021

Anchorage Adds Custody and Staking for Dapper Labs’ FLOW Token

Anchorage President Diogo Monica said the token was added following “massive demand” from its institutional clients.

Business  ·  22 June 2021
Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs Hires Former NFL VP as Marketing Chief; NBA Top Shot Gets New GM

The firm is adding key staff on the heels of a $305 million funding round.

Business  ·  21 June 2021
Funding Rounds

Music-Focused NFT Marketplace Raises $4M From Cuban, Kutcher, Dapper CEO

NFT Genius wants to bring immersive experiences to the NFT sector.

Business  ·  14 June 2021

Dapper Labs Unveils Flow-Native Stablecoin, FUSD, With Other ERC-20-Like Tokens to Follow

The maker of NBA Top Shot is deploying new tools for developers to launch tokens on the Flow blockchain.

Business  ·  10 June 2021
Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot Has Crossed the Million-User Mark

Steady user numbers and a strong base of small-dollar sales could keep Dapper Labs’ darling humming even if NFTs cool off.

Business  ·  25 May 2021
Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs Sued on Allegations NBA Top Shot Moments are Unregistered Securities

The complaint alleges that NBA Top Shot “moments” are securities in that their value increases with the success of the project.

News  ·  14 May 2021
Funding Rounds

Dapper Labs, Coinbase Ventures Join $65M Investment in Avatar Startup Genies

The funding will be used to expand Genies' NFT marketplace on Dapper Labs' Flow blockchain.

Business  ·  3 May 2021

NFT Issuer Doublejump.Tokyo Ditches Ethereum for Flow Blockchain

The digital trading card company says it got fed up after three years of scaling woes on the world computer.

Business  ·  22 April 2021
Dapper Labs

NBA Top Shot Firm Dapper Labs Raising Funds at $7.5B+ Valuation: Report

Three-year old Dapper's value is exploding along with the demand for non-fungible tokens.

News  ·  17 April 2021
Venture Capital

Michael Jordan Joins $305M Investment in Firm Behind NBA Top Shot

Dapper Labs' buzzy NFT platform has generated over $500 million in sales since launch.

Business  ·  30 March 2021

Dapper Labs Taps Alchemy to Give Boost to Blockchain Powering NBA Top Shot

Flow’s NBA Top Shot accounts for more transactions than all the other NFT projects combined.

Business  ·  25 March 2021
Dapper Labs

Kraken Clients Stake $725M of FLOW Tokens, Buying Into NFT Frenzy

The surge in staking activity – similar to depositing money in an interest-bearing account – reflects the broader NFT frenzy.

Markets  ·  12 March 2021

CryptoKitties Developer Dapper Labs Blocks Token Project From Using ‘Flow’ Name

Flow is also the name of Dapper Labs' blockchain.

Policy & regulation  ·  10 March 2021