Microsoft Is Awarded US Patent for Crypto Token-Creation Service

The patent describes a ledger-independent system for helping users to create and manage tokens across different networks.

Tech  ·  26 August 2021

Microsoft to Shutter its Azure Blockchain Service This Autumn

Microsoft is recommending users migrate to the Quorum Blockchain Service from ConsenSys.

Business  ·  13 May 2021

Intel, Microsoft Beef Up Customers’ Cryptojacking Defenses

Intel’s new technology aims to more accurately detect malware regardless of the malicious code’s obfuscation techniques.

Business  ·  27 April 2021

Microsoft, Apple, MicroStrategy to Be Listed on Binance as Tokenized Stocks

The move means Binance users will be able to qualify for economic returns on the underlying shares, which will include potential dividends.

News  ·  26 April 2021

Micorosft’s ION Digital ID Network Is Live on Bitcoin

Imagine never having to use a password or a username ever again. Networks like ION could make this a reality.

News  ·  25 March 2021

Microsoft President Says Fintech Firms Should Leave Digital Currencies to Governments

"We’re not a bank and we don’t want to become a bank and we don’t want to compete with our customers who are banks," said Brad Smith.

News  ·  24 March 2021

Microsoft and Enjin Bring Cross-Platform Custom NFTs to Minecraft

To celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, players earn badges while learning from prominent female scientists.

News  ·  11 February 2021

Microsoft, India’s Tanla Launch Encrypted Messaging Infrastructure Built With Blockchain

The edge-to-edge encrypted platform is built on Microsoft Azure and accessible by clients via an API.

Business  ·  21 January 2021

Microsoft, EY Expand Blockchain Platform for Gaming Rights to Include Payments

Microsoft and Ernst & Young LLP announced plans to use a blockchain platform to allow Microsoft’s Xbox gaming partners, artists and content creators to track and manage their payments and royalty contracts.

News  ·  14 December 2020

Hackers Using Monero Mining Malware as Decoy, Warns Microsoft

Crypto-jacking is giving nation-state hackers a decoy for their more malicious attacks, Microsoft cautioned in a report.

News  ·  1 December 2020

Microsoft Marketing Exec Joins Blockchain Gaming Platform Enjin to Lead Enterprise Push

Enjin is aiming to widen its enterprise focus with its latest hire hailing from over 20 years at tech giant Microsoft.

Business  ·  16 November 2020

‘Boring Is the New Exciting’: How Baseline Protocol Connected With 600 Corporates

Baseline Protocol, where companies can use the Ethereum public mainnet as a common frame of reference, has released its version 1.0.

Business  ·  26 August 2020

China Aims to Be the World’s Dominant Blockchain Power – With Help From Google, Amazon and Microsoft

China's BSN could be met with geopolitical resistance as it continues to extend its global reach.

Policy & regulation  ·  30 July 2020

Indian Users Almost 5 Times More Likely to Encounter Crypto Hacking: Microsoft Report

A Microsoft cybersecurity report found that in Asia-Pacific, Sri Lanka has the highest rate of encounter with such attacks, with neighboring India in second place.

News  ·  29 July 2020

Carbon Credits Have a Double-Spend Problem. This Microsoft-Backed Project Is Trying to Fix It

The Microsoft-backed IWA sustainability group is building a tokenization standard that aims to bring transparency to carbon accounting.

Business  ·  29 July 2020