Biden Accuses Chinese State Actors of Ransomware, Cryptojacking Attacks

"Hackers with a history of working for the PRC Ministry of State Security (MSS) have engaged in ransomware attacks, cyber enabled extortion, crypto-jacking, and rank theft from victims around the world, all for financial gain," a White House press release said.

News  ·  19 July 2021

Monero-Mining Malware ‘Crackonosh’ Has Infected 222K Computers, Researchers Find

The virus has yielded over $2 million worth of XMR for its authors, security firm Avast said in a Thursday report.

Tech  ·  24 June 2021

Intel, Microsoft Beef Up Customers’ Cryptojacking Defenses

Intel’s new technology aims to more accurately detect malware regardless of the malicious code’s obfuscation techniques.

Business  ·  27 April 2021

Most Attacks on Cybersecurity Firm’s Decoy Servers Aimed at Mining Crypto: Report

Of the 16,371 attacks on Aqua Security's decoy servers over the last year, 95% were aimed at mining cryptocurrency through deploying malicious programs.

News  ·  14 September 2020

Los Alamos Scientists Develop AI to Fight Cryptojacking

Their neural network works faster and more reliably than non-AI systems, researchers said.

News  ·  21 August 2020

An AWS Virtual Machine Is Infected With Mining Malware. There Could Be Others

A monero mining script has been embedded in a public instance of an AWS virtual machine. How many others are similarly infected?

Tech  ·  21 August 2020
Mining Malware

BlackBerry and Intel Tackle Cryptojacking Malware With New Detection Tool

BlackBerry and Intel are hoping to halt cryptojacking attempts on Intel's commercial PCs with a new mining malware detection tool.

Tech  ·  22 June 2020

EU Supercomputers Hijacked From COVID-19 Research to Mine Cryptocurrency

A number of supercomputers programmed to search for a vaccine for the coronavirus were remotely hijacked last week using stolen credentials.

News  ·  19 May 2020

Hackers Plant Crypto Miners by Exploiting Flaw in Popular Server Framework Salt

Hackers have exploited a critical flaw in infrastructure management tool Salt and, in one case planted crypto mining software.

News  ·  4 May 2020
North Korea

US Agencies Publish List of North Korea’s Alleged Crypto Crimes

The US government urged countermeasures to stymie North Korea's billion-dollar cybercrime campaigns.

News  ·  15 April 2020
North Korea

North Korea Is Expanding Its Monero Mining Operations, Says Report

North Korea may be boosting its monero mining efforts to circumvent sanctions and avoid being tracked.

News  ·  12 February 2020

Monero Hacker Group ‘Outlaw’ Is Back and Targeting American Business: Report

Outlaw, a group specializing in cryptojacking machines to mine monero, has returned after a brief hiatus and is expanding its global reach, according to Trend Micro.

News  ·  11 February 2020
Mining Malware

Interpol Leads Operation to Tackle Cryptojacker Infecting Over 20,000 Routers

The international crime fighting agency led an operation to stem a plague of cryptocurrency mining malware afflicting computer routers across Asia.

Tech  ·  9 January 2020

Cryptojacking Malware Devs Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Two members of Romanian hacker gang Bayrob Group were sentenced to two decades in prison after their malware mined crypto on 400,000 infected computers.

News  ·  9 December 2019

Capital One Hacker Used Stolen Computing Power to Mine Crypto

Capital One hacker Paige Thompson had been using stolen computing power to mine cryptocurrencies, a federal grand jury indictment revealed.

Markets  ·  30 August 2019