Microsoft Is Awarded US Patent for Crypto Token-Creation Service

The patent describes a ledger-independent system for helping users to create and manage tokens across different networks.

Tech  ·  26 August 2021

Ant Group Leads China-Dominated 2020 List of Blockchain Patent Holders

The only non-Chinese firm in the rankings, IBM, came fourth in terms of number of patents.

Tech  ·  15 March 2021

Gambling Tech Giant IGT Patents Way to Fund Bets With Bitcoin

IGT's bitcoin funding patent comes as the gambling tech giant's plans for cashless wagering move forward.

News  ·  5 January 2021

CipherTrace Says Homeland Security Work Gave Rise to Monero-Tracking Patent Filings

CipherTrace has filed two patent applications it claims offer technologies that could help authorities in tracking monero transactions.

Tech  ·  23 November 2020

Mastercard President Says Crypto Patents Will Pay Off When Central Bank Digital Currencies Arrive

Crypto IP "puts us in a good position" for central bank digital currencies, said Mastercard President Miebach.

News  ·  2 November 2020

Ripple Wins US Patent for New Oracle-Based Smart Contract Design

Ripple's patented design would allow derivatives to settle based on external information – such as temperature data.

Tech  ·  2 October 2020

CIA’s New Research Lab to Study Blockchain

CIA Labs will give officers an outlet to patent and profit from their tech inventions.

News  ·  21 September 2020

Alibaba on Track to Be the Largest Blockchain Patent Holder by End of 2020: Study

Chinese conglomerate Alibaba is on track to become the largest blockchain patent holder, having filed ten times more than closest rival IBM.

News  ·  17 September 2020

Square Forms Group to Stop Patent Hoarding From Stifling Crypto Innovation

Square said the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) will allow companies to access and share tech innovations with one another.

News  ·  10 September 2020

Capital One Files Patent for AI That Would Slice, Dice Social Media to Find Crypto Trading Picks

“It would be impossible for human traders to track” crypto's 24/7 informational onslaught on their own, Capital One said.

News  ·  17 August 2020
Bitcoin Mining

PayPal Co-founder, DCG-Backed BTC Mining Firm Layer1 Accused of Patent Infringement

Data center power management firm Lancium filed a lawsuit against Layer1 today, alleging the bitcoin mining firm’s operations had infringed upon its patent.

News  ·  15 August 2020

Alibaba Claims Patented Cross-Chain System Is Better Than Cosmos

The e-commerce firm says its new patent would improve upon current systems used by blockchains to communicate with one another.

Tech  ·  1 June 2020

Visa Patent Filing Would Allow Central Banks to Mint Digital Fiat Currencies Using Blockchain

The filing details a way for fiat currencies, like the U.S. dollar, to be turned into a central bank digital currency.

Tech  ·  15 May 2020

Alibaba Patents Blockchain System That Spots Music Copycats

The e-commerce giant has patented a blockchain-based means of vetting the originality of songs.

Business  ·  30 April 2020

Blockstack Pledges to Enforce Patents for ‘Defensive Purposes’ Only

Blockstack, the startup building a decentralized backbone for Web 3.0, is open-sourcing its two patents – kinda.

News  ·  28 April 2020