Biggest DAOs Now Hold $6B Worth of Digital Assets: ConsenSys

More than $6 billion worth of digital assets are held in the 20 biggest DAOs, according to a report from ConsenSys.

News  ·  3 August 2021

NYDFS Plans to Collect Diversity Data From Banking and Crypto Institutions

All authorized virtual currency service providers will be required to submit diversity data of their boards and management to the NYDFS.

News  ·  30 July 2021

Remember JPM Coin? Next Step Is Programmable Money, Bank Exec Says

The global bank is also “keeping a very close eye” on DeFi, says Umar Farooq, head of JPMorgan’s Onyx blockchain team.

Business  ·  7 June 2021

Lubin, ConsenSys Vets Raising $75M Venture Fund, Documents Show

Ethereal Ventures has already started joining investments in early-stage blockchain startups. Other details are sparse.

Business  ·  12 May 2021

ConsenSys Tools Infura, Truffle Now Support Ethereum Scaling Project Polygon

The two products should make life easier for developers on Polygon.

Tech  ·  12 May 2021

Ethereum Hub ConsenSys Raises $65M From JPMorgan, Mastercard, UBS, Others

ConsenSys has multi-year commercial arrangements with JPMorgan and Mastercard, and commercial activity happening with UBS, said founder Joe Lubin.

Business  ·  13 April 2021

ConsenSys Project Virtue Poker Raises $5M Ahead of Mainnet Launch

The Ethereum project is expected to launch in full in May.

Business  ·  12 April 2021

Ripple, CoinShares, ConsenSys Join Crypto Climate Accord

CoinShares’ chief strategy officer says, “It’s vital we correct misinformation that has persisted about Bitcoin’s energy use and sources.”

News  ·  8 April 2021

ConsenSys Confidential: Ethereum Builder Is Back in Growth Mode, Document Reveals

ConsenSys staffers waiting for equity payouts may soon be in luck, according to an internal document revealing the company’s recent good fortune.

Business  ·  15 March 2021

ConsenSys Grants Help Iranian Women Learn Solidity

The Ethereum incubator's instructional program offers scholarships to help developers get started with coding in Solidity.

Tech  ·  13 February 2021

ConsenSys, Securosys Combine Tech for ‘Secure’ Way to Stake on Ethereum 2.0

The method employs Securosys' hardware security modules to keep participants' keys safe.

Tech  ·  2 February 2021

Ethereum-Based ConsenSys Quorum Partners With China’s BSN Blockchain

The first partnership for Quorum since leaving JPMorgan is a big one.

Business  ·  25 January 2021

Robot Ventures, Others Back ‘Crypto Stripe’ Flexa in $20M Raise

The crypto payment provider has raised $20 million from a private sale of its AMP token used for its new backend.

Business  ·  21 December 2020

Curv Partners With MetaMask to Help Institutions Custody DeFi Assets

Curv is teaming up with MetaMask to allow institutions to invest in DeFi protocols while having institutional-grade custody options.

Business  ·  10 December 2020

Australia’s Central Bank Kicks Off CBDC Research Project With ConsenSys as Partner

The partnership, which also includes top Australian banks, will explore the possible use and implications of a wholesale form of central bank digital currency using distributed ledger technology.

News  ·  1 November 2020