IBM Spawns Blockchain for Norwegian Salmon Fisheries

IBM is teaming with the Norwegian Seafood Association to create a blockchain-based track-and-trace system for Norway's sustainably farmed salmon.

Business  ·  25 June 2020

Lithuania Is Trialing a CBDC No One Can Use – And That’s by Design

The Bank of Lithuania's LBCoin digital collectible may be a gimmick, but its ambitions for blockchain tech are very, very real.

Policy & regulation  ·  8 June 2020

TradeLens to Digitize India’s Largest Private Port Operator

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone is set to utilize the IBM-Maersk platform to speed up processes after COVID-19 highlighted issues with the existing system.

News  ·  27 May 2020
Hyperledger Fabric

IBM Takes 7% Stake in Trade Finance Blockchain Network We.Trade

IBM has become a shareholder in, the blockchain-based trade-finance platform jointly owned by 12 European banks.

Business  ·  21 May 2020
Smart Contracts

IBM Blockchain to Offer Decentralized Smart Contract Option

IBM is implementing the Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 base layer to support smart contract governance on its blockchain platform.

Tech  ·  12 May 2020

IBM, Mastercard Join Digital Identity Project Building ‘Ecosystems of Trust’

Mastercard, IBM and the provincial government of British Columbia are among the founding members of the Trust over IP (ToIP) Foundation.

Business  ·  5 May 2020
Enterprise Blockchain

IBM Teams With 3 European Power Grids to Build Green Energy Blockchain Platform

IBM has created a new blockchain consortium with power grid operators TenneT, Swissgrid and Terna to help facilitate the transition to renewable energy.

Business  ·  5 May 2020

IBM, Merck Declare FDA-Backed Drug Tracing Blockchain a Success

IBM, Merck, Walmart and KPMG’s drug-tracing blockchain pilot exceeded the interoperability benchmarks set by the Food and Drug Administration, the group said.

News  ·  4 May 2020

Big Tech Signs Rare Open Source Pledge to Boost Supplies During COVID-19

Major tech firms are opening their patents to allow developers to build much needed tools during the coronavirus crisis.

Policy & regulation  ·  20 April 2020

Bitcoin News Roundup for March 30, 2020

Bitcoin is back and Breitling puts watches on the blockchain. It's CoinDesk's Markets Daily.

Markets  ·  30 March 2020

World Health Organization Teams With IBM, Oracle on Blockchain-Based Coronavirus Data Hub

Big names like IBM, Oracle and the World Health Organization (WHO) will use blockchain technology to track data relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tech  ·  27 March 2020

Everledger Looks Beyond Blood Diamonds With ESG Supply Chain Collaboration

Everledger, known for tracking diamonds on the blockchain, says the supply chain for batteries is where it will focus next.

Business  ·  25 March 2020
Enterprise Blockchain

Old Rivals Oracle and IBM Want Their Blockchains to Talk to Each Other

IBM and Oracle are working on an interoperability project that could unite the business consortia on the companies' respective blockchain platforms.

Business  ·  9 March 2020
Crypto Custody

IBM’s Public Cloud Is Secure Enough for Crypto Custodians

Announced Tuesday, the latest offering from Onchain Custodian is hosted entirely on Big Blue’s banking-grade public cloud.

Business  ·  3 March 2020

IBM Blockchain VP: Every Dollar Spent on Blockchain Yields $15 on Cloud

Enterprise blockchain is a catalyst for further spending at Big Blue, according to Jerry Cuomo, IBM’s vice president of blockchain technologies.

Business  ·  10 February 2020