Insurer Pingan Issues Digital Yuan COVID-19 Policies for Medical Staff: Report

Purchasers who pay for their coronavirus coverage with e-CNY can receive discounts.

News  ·  21 July 2021

Inflation Takes Over From Covid as Biggest Market Risk: Bank of America

It's a sign of the times how dramatically the vaccine has changed the market landscape, a year after the coronavirus pandemic initially wreaked havoc on the global economy.

Markets  ·  16 March 2021

The Node: COVID-19 and the Need for Web 3.0

Societal change has been both small- and large-scale, from the acceleration of e-commerce and work from home to the loss of trust in experts and institutions.

News  ·  11 March 2021

Goldman Sachs Says Client Demand for Bitcoin is ‘Rising’

John Waldron, COO and president, said his bank is talking to regulators about digital currencies after recently relaunching its trading desk.

Markets  ·  11 March 2021

UK’s NHS Taps Blockchain Tech to Monitor Coronavirus Vaccine Cold Chain

Hedera Hashgraph's blockchain platform will provide the health service with a tamperproof record of vaccine temperatures, the firm said.

Tech  ·  19 January 2021

Coronavirus Vaccinations Certified With VeChain’s Blockchain Tech in Cyprus

The medical certification app was developed by VeChain and I-Dante last May.

Tech  ·  7 January 2021

Lessons in Failing to Apply Blockchain and AI to Combat COVID

Blockchain tech is well suited to manage aspects of the fight against the coronavirus. Why hasn't it been used more?

People  ·  1 January 2021

Why Crypto Crosses ‘The Chasm’ in a Post-Coronavirus World

2020 will be looked back on as the year that marks the present era from the past; the demarcation line separating the before and the after.

People  ·  31 December 2020

Governments Will Start to Hodl Bitcoin in 2021

Crypto assets not only are not going away. They will become integral to our financial and political lives.

People  ·  31 December 2020

ECB Boosts Emergency Bond-Buying Program by 37% to €1.85T Amid Pandemic Resurgence

The ECB says the additional monetary policy actions were needed because of a resurgence in coronavirus cases.

Markets  ·  10 December 2020

Open Finance Is Better Than Broken Finance

Traditional financial services fail to meet the core needs of a global economy. DeFi is not perfect but it's for everyone.

People  ·  19 November 2020

Gold Lags Far Behind Bitcoin as Vaccine Optimism Buoys Markets

Bitcoin is outshining the precious metal by a significant margin as expectations soar of a swift global economic recovery enabled by promising coronavirus vaccines.

Markets  ·  17 November 2020

First Mover: Vaccine Won’t Come Fast Enough to Avoid More Stimulus

A rise in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths could dent consumer confidence and retailer revenue during the crucial holiday shopping season.

Markets  ·  16 November 2020

Number of Bitcoin ATMs Up 85% This Year as Coronavirus Drives Adoption

The number of bitcoin ATMs across the globe has surged amid a coronavirus-induced shift toward contactless payments.

News  ·  11 November 2020

First Mover: What’s Next for Bitcoin as Wall Street Gets Vaccine Booster

Crypto markets could turn on a shift in economic policies as U.S. President-Elect Joe Biden's transition team starts to meet.

Markets  ·  9 November 2020