Digital Assets

Crypto for Advisors: Why Are Digital Assets Different?

In the journey to decide if you should even learn about digital assets and then how to make the asset class part of your practice, one of the first questions you might ask is what makes them so different.

Markets  ·  26 August 2021

Crypto for Advisors: Your Clients May Already Own Crypto. Here’s How to Hold It

How do we advise clients on an asset we can’t (yet) handle directly?

Tech  ·  26 August 2021

Crypto Long & Short: How Do You Measure Relative Value in Crypto?

Until recently, the manipulable “market cap” was nearly all investors had to go on when measuring the relative value of digital assets. More sophisticated yardsticks are emerging.

Markets  ·  8 August 2021
Digital Assets

Crypto Funds See Net Outflows of $4M

Bitcoin saw the quietest trading week since October 2020.

Markets  ·  12 July 2021

Ethereum and XRP Looking More Attractive as Investors Rush to Exit Bitcoin Funds

Investors redeemed a net $141 million during the seven days through June 4, the highest weekly total on record, according to CoinShares.

Markets  ·  7 June 2021
Digital Assets

Goldman’s Crypto Chief Worries About Fraud, but Not Cryptocurrency’s Future

The investment banking giant’s Mathew McDermott said the company would continue to expand its offerings in the cryptocurrency space to meet surging demand.

People  ·  22 May 2021

Seoul Seizes Tax Dodgers’ Crypto From Exchanges: Report

The department has seized around 25 billion won ($22 million) in digital assets from 676 of the alleged tax evaders.

News  ·  23 April 2021
Digital Assets

US House Passes Bill to Require Financial Regulators to Set Up Digital Assets Working Group

The Eliminate Barriers to Innovation Act of 2021 seeks to establish a digital asset working group with representatives from the SEC and CFTC.

News  ·  21 April 2021

Goldman Sachs to Offer Bitcoin to Wealth Management Clients

A memo obtained by CoinDesk lays out the bank’s approach to providing clients with access to bitcoin and other digital assets.

News  ·  31 March 2021

Thai SEC Revises Net Capital Rules in Bid to Open Liquidity, Support Digital Asset Businesses: Report

The revised requirements are aimed at adding liquidity to the Thai market, while also allowing digital asset businesses to hold part of their required capital in cryptocurrencies.

Policy & regulation  ·  18 November 2020
Travel Rule

South Korean Crypto Firms Must Disclose Users’ Identities Under Planned Law Change

South Korea's top financial watchdog wants legal changes making it mandatory for cryptocurrency firms to report the names of customers.

News  ·  6 November 2020

Blockchain Venture Capital Firm SPiCE VC Taps Coinbase as Digital Asset Custody Partner

SpiceVC announced it has signed an agreement with Coinbase Custody, under which Coinbase will serve as the digital asset custodian for the Spice token.

News  ·  17 August 2020

London Stock Exchange Parent Assigns Financial ‘Bar Codes’ to 169 Cryptos

The addition of bitcoin and its ilk to LSEG's database, in response to customer demand, is a sign that institutions are slowly embracing the asset class.

Business  ·  9 July 2020

Binance Joins Indian Tech Association That Helped Overturn Crypto Banking Ban

Binance and the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) say they'll work to implement industry best practices in the Indian crypto market.

News  ·  18 June 2020
Digital Assets

California Assembly Considers Exempting Some Digital Assets From State Securities Law

A key lawmaker in the California Assembly has proposed exempting some digital assets from the state’s definition of corporate securities.

News  ·  8 May 2020