Brave Browser’s Next Trick: Privacy-Preserving News Recommendations

The federated learning approach allows users to keep their data on their local device rather than on a centralized server. “Brave Today” is just step one.

Business  ·  10 June 2021

Opera’s Built-In Crypto Wallets Have 170K Monthly Active Users

The Norwegian browser maker has disclosed its crypto wallet user numbers for the first time.

Business  ·  24 July 2020

Gemini Crypto Exchange Integrates With Privacy-Focused Brave Browser

Brave users can now use the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange to buy, sell and store crypto within their browsers.

Business  ·  15 July 2020

Brave Browser’s Affiliate Link Controversy, Explained

Privacy browser Brave was called out this weekend when users noticed that typing "Binance" resulted in an auto-complete ending in a referral link.

Business  ·  8 June 2020

Brave Partners With Binance to Develop In-Browser Crypto Trading

Brave is in the early stages of building an in-browser trading tool with Binance and Binance America.

News  ·  26 March 2020

Microsoft Updates Edge Browser to Protect Against Illicit Crypto Miners

Later versions of Microsoft's Edge can now be set to block downloads of malicious mining apps.

Business  ·  28 February 2020

Firefox Browser Adds Option to Automatically Block Crypto Mining Scripts

Mozilla has released an update for its Firefox browser which includes an option to block cryptocurrency mining scripts on websites.

Policy & regulation  ·  22 May 2019

Opera Will Soon Add Tron Support to Its In-Browser Crypto Wallet

Opera is working to integrate support for Tron’s TRX and TRC-standard tokens in its browser-based crypto wallet.

Markets  ·  16 May 2019
Basic Attention Token

View Ads, Get BAT: Brave Delivers on ICO Promise of Paid Web Browsing

The privacy-oriented Brave browser is launching today its long-anticipated product where web users are compensated for their attention.

Markets  ·  24 April 2019

Opera Launches Desktop Dapp Browser With Built-In Ethereum Wallet

Opera has launched the desktop version of its new browser with a built-in wallet for ether, ERC-20 tokens and CryptoKitties-style collectibles.

Markets  ·  9 April 2019

Opera Adds Crypto Buying Service to Android Wallet

Opera has teamed up with crypto brokerage Safello to let users buy ether directly from its Android browser-based wallet.

Business  ·  6 February 2019

A Built-In Ethereum Wallet Just Got Added to Opera’s Browser

Opera has announced the public release of its "Web 3-ready" Android web browser featuring an ethereum wallet.

Business  ·  13 December 2018

The New Effort to Get Bitcoin’s Lightning Network In Every Browser

Devs are looking to make bitcoin's layer-two lightning network compatible with a payment standard used by all major browsers – and so far, so good.

Tech  ·  30 October 2018

Opera Wallet Users Can Now Send CryptoKitties and Other Collectibles

Opera now allows users to send crypto collectibles, such as CryptoKitties, directly from its beta-stage in-browser crypto wallet.

Markets  ·  7 September 2018

Firefox Plans to Block Crypto Mining Malware in Future Releases

Mozilla Firefox intends to add a function to block cryptomining scripts on websites by default in one of its upcoming releases.

Business  ·  31 August 2018