New CoinDesk 20 List: MATIC Is In. XTZ, YFI and NU Are Out

Introducing the new list of CoinDesk 20 assets for the third quarter.

Markets  ·  3 August 2021

Ethereum Classic’s ‘Irrational’ Price Tripling Bears Hallmark of Dogecoin Frenzy

Analysts see speculative fever rather than informed bets on the blockchain’s future technological potential.

Markets  ·  7 May 2021

Ethereum Classic Gets DeFi Treatment With Wrapped ETC

Ethereum Classic wants to play in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space of the blockchain from which it contentiously split in 2016.

Business  ·  18 November 2020
Ethereum Classic

Crypto Investors Have Ignored Three Straight 51% Attacks on ETC

Three 51% attacks on the Ethereum Classic network have not yet made a significant impact on the price of its cryptocurrency.

Markets  ·  8 September 2020

ETC Labs Rolls Out Fixes to Thwart Further 51% Attacks on Ethereum Classic

Shaken by weeks of network-overwhelming hacks, ETC Labs has outlined its security response.

News  ·  20 August 2020

Exchange Says 51% Attacker Returned $100K-Worth of Ethereum Classic

Cryptocurrency exchange said Saturday that $100,000 in ethereum classic has been returned following a recent 51-percent attack.

Policy & regulation  ·  14 January 2019
Ethereum Classic

Exchange Says $200K in Ethereum Classic Lost As Blockchain Attacks Continue

Cryptocurrency exchange has corroborated claims that the ethereum classic network is under a 51 percent attack, disclosing a loss of 40,000 ETC.

Tech  ·  8 January 2019

Ethereum Classic’s Price Stumbles Amid Suspected 51% Attack

The price of ethereum classic is pulling back as a result of a recently reported attack that resulted in a series of blockchain history rewrites.

Markets  ·  7 January 2019