Initial Coin Offerings

DeFi Is Now a $100B Sector at least two measures, that is. Decentralized finance users probably top 1 million.

Markets  ·  29 April 2021

Thailand’s Fourth Largest Bank by Assets Exploring DeFi Offering: Report

The chairman of KBank's technology arm said DeFi is a "key exploration" for the banking group throughout 2021.

News  ·  12 April 2021

How to Turn a $17 Million ICO Into $104 Million: The Cosmos Story

The startups building Cosmos don't own it or rely solely on it for income. And that's the point.

Business  ·  11 November 2019

‘Gold-Backed’ Crypto Token’s Promoter Investigated by Florida Regulators

Karatbars, issuer of a purportedly gold-backed crypto token, is under investigation by Florida regulators over links to a Miami “crypto bank.”

Policy & regulation  ·  4 October 2019

SEC Charges Adult Entertainment Token Platform With 2017 ICO Fraud

The U.S. SEC has charged the CEO of an online adult entertainment marketplace with running a fraudulent initial coin offering scheme.

Policy & regulation  ·  24 September 2019
Token Sale

How Celsius Turned Its Crypto ICO Into a Billion-Dollar Lending Business

Lending startup Celsius went from a $50 million token sale to $1 billion in crypto deposits.

Business  ·  7 September 2019

This Crypto Is Worth Less Than 1 Cent. VCs Are Betting Millions on Its Future

This healthcare startup is still growing, and attracting investment, long after raising $7.2 million in a 2017 token sale.

Business  ·  13 August 2019
Moshe Hogeg

Former Partner Sues Israeli Blockchain Firm for Breach of Contract

An Israeli ICO company is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit following a founding partner's ejection from the firm.

Markets  ·  5 August 2019

Bancor Raised $153 Million and Found Actual Users. Why Did Its Price Tank?

Bancor raised $153 million as one of the top initial coin offerings of 2017. With its BNT token trading near all-time lows, here's an update on the project.

Policy & regulation  ·  25 July 2019

Kik vs SEC – The Lawyers Speak

The SEC's complaint against Kik, after it raised $100 million in an ICO, seemed pretty brutal, but not so fast, we're only hearing one side of the story. Watch more here as three lawyers discuss the case, its merits and its potential impacts for the crypto industry as a whole.

Policy & regulation  ·  14 June 2019

Messaging Giant Telegram’s ICO Token Is at Last Going on (Limited) Public Sale

Telegram's gram token, previously sold to accredited investors in one of the biggest-ever ICOs, is to be offered to the public via a third party firm.

Business  ·  11 June 2019

$1 Billion Valuation May Elude Ethereum Co-Founder’s New Blockchain Polkadot

Polkadot’s bid for unicorn status has hit a snag, with three Chinese funds buying into the token sale at valuations below $1 billion.

Business  ·  5 June 2019

The 8 Biggest Bombshells From the SEC’s Kik ICO Lawsuit

In a complaint filed Tuesday, the SEC laid out where Kik allegedly ran afoul of U.S. securities law with its $98 million ICO in 2017. It also revealed a lot more.

Markets  ·  4 June 2019

Bitfinex’s Private Token Sale Raised $1 Billion in 10 Days, Exec Says

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex raised $1 billion via a sale of its exchange token LEO in just 10 days, according to the firm's CTO.

Markets  ·  13 May 2019

Binance, OKEx and KuCoin Are Using IEOs to Command the Spotlight

So far, initial exchange offerings are the hottest token fundraising trend of 2019.

Markets  ·  4 May 2019