Hedge Funds

Pyth Launch to Bring Quant Firms’ Market Data to Solana

Backed by an array of high-frequency traders, the data pipeline’s mainnet launch is imminent. But key details like governance structure remain unresolved.

Business  ·  25 August 2021

Nickel Digital Sees Growing Institutional Demand in UK for Crypto

More than half of institutional investors plan to invest more in crypto by 2023, according to a survey.

News  ·  24 August 2021
Hedge Funds

‘Tulip Bulb’ Crypto Has ‘No Inherent Worth,’ Man Group CEO Says

The hedge-fund company nevertheless trades crypto, using quantitative analysis to sniff out price anomalies that can prove profitable.

News  ·  26 July 2021
Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds See 7.2% of Assets in Crypto by 2026: Report

That asset allocation equates to about $312 billion across the sector.

News  ·  15 June 2021

BlockTower Capital Buys ‘Market-Neutral’ Crypto Hedge Fund Gamma Point

BlockTower CEO Matt Goetz said the deal will help attract institutional investment – even in a bear market.

Business  ·  8 June 2021

Hedge Fund Giants Millennium, Matrix and Point72 Standing Up DeFi Funds: Sources

DeFi is booming and institutions are edging towards it, trying to figure out how to get a slice of the alpha.

Business  ·  13 May 2021
Hedge Funds

Hedge Fund Behind One River Digital to Invest Part of $5.6B Fund in Crypto: Report

Macro fund manager Brevan Howard plans to invest up to 1.5% of its main fund in cryptocurrencies, according to a story in Bloomberg.

News  ·  15 April 2021

Why Binance Coin Hit All-Time High (and $86B Valuation) Ahead of Coinbase Listing

It's not equity, it's an exchange token. But it sure is mooning, apparently linked to the recent success of Binance Smart Chain.

Markets  ·  13 April 2021

Daniel Loeb’s $17B Hedge Fund Is Keeping Crypto With Coinbase – And Maybe Even Staking It

Third Point is the latest institutional stalwart to be revealed as a client of Coinbase Custody.

Business  ·  9 April 2021
Hedge Funds

Hedge Fund Manager Daniel Loeb Says He’s Taking a Crypto ‘Deep Dive’

The New York-based hedge fund founder described cryptocurrency as a "real test of being open to new and controversial ideas."

People  ·  2 March 2021
Hedge Funds

Bill Miller’s Flagship Fund May Now Buy GBTC to Gain Bitcoin Exposure of Up to 15%

The fund noted it would not expose more than 15% of its $2.25 billion in assets to bitcoin.

News  ·  6 February 2021

Crypto Hedge Fund Founder Pleads Guilty to $90M Fraud

Virgil Capital founder Stefan Qin lied to investors and siphoned off millions to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Policy & regulation  ·  5 February 2021

Robinhood Can’t Democratize Finance Using Old Tools

Robinhood saw the ire of traders last week because it promised to be different. It turned out to be fancy app on top of an antiquated system.

Tech  ·  1 February 2021

SkyBridge’s Bitcoin Cache Rises to $310M as New Fund Launches

SkyBridge's bitcoin investment has already climbed to more than $300 million, mostly due to price appreciation in the past couple of months.

Markets  ·  4 January 2021

How BitGo Is Getting Into the Events Business

BitGo has added cap intro services, a kind of marketing activity carried out among hedge fund investors, to its crypto brokerage offering.

Business  ·  8 December 2020