A Crypto Guide to the Metaverse

Verifiable, immutable ownership of digital goods and currency will be an essential component of the metaverse.

Tech  ·  3 August 2021

El camino de Ethereum hacia los USD 2.000: tres razones para ser optimista

Ethereum, la criptomoneda con la segunda capitalización más grande del mercado, tocó un nuevo máximo histórico al alcanzar los USD 1.439,33 el 25 de enero. Es la primera vez que este activo digital supera el techo de los USD 1.400 desde el 13 de enero de 2018, y sus retornos acumulan un 76% en lo […]

Markets  ·  27 January 2021

What Is Guggenheim Partners?

Guggenheim Partners is part of the next wave of institutional investment firms looking to step into Bitcoin.

Business  ·  26 January 2021

Ethereum’s Road to $2K: 3 Reasons to Be Bullish

Ether recently broke above $1,400 for the first time in two years. Here are three events that could push the price even higher.

Markets  ·  22 January 2021

Sure, Bitcoin’s Price Is Cool, but Bitcoin’s Technology Is Hot

Getting bitcoin to the moon requires some serious technology.

Tech  ·  17 December 2020

Multisignature Wallets Can Keep Your Coins Safer (If You Use Them Right)

Multisignature wallets are cryptocurrency wallets that require two or more private keys to sign and send a transaction.

Tech  ·  10 November 2020

How the World Stopped Producing Enough Money, Feat. Emil Kalinowski

In a year when the popular narrative says money printing went crazy, the host of “Making Sense/Eurodollar University” says the problem is actually too little money.

People  ·  6 November 2020

The Inevitable Marriage of Yield Farming and NFTs, Explained

NFTs had managed to be expensive but they had not managed to be liquid – not until DeFi-thinking intervened.

Tech  ·  28 September 2020

Supply of Tokenized Bitcoin on Ethereum Now Tops $1.1B: Here’s Why

The supply of BitGo’s wrapped bitcoins (WBTC) topped 76,000 after setting an all-time record of nearly 21,000 WBTC minted within one week. Here’s why.

Tech  ·  22 September 2020

The Decade of the Living Dead: How Zombie Companies Are Robbing Tomorrow’s Economy

The percentage of companies that can’t afford to pay the interest on their debt has reached a new all-time high in the wake of central bank intervention.

People  ·  15 September 2020