Why Bitcoin and Rehypothecation Don’t Mix

A reading of Jeffrey Snider’s latest essay and Caitlin Long’s companion tweet thread.

People  ·  20 December 2020

The CIO of $230B AUM Guggenheim Just Called for $400,000 BTC

A recap of 5+ insanely bullish stories that got buried in the bitcoin price action.

People  ·  17 December 2020

Why $20,000 Bitcoin Matters

Validation. Psychology. FOMO. NLW looks at why today’s price achievement marks a turning point in bitcoin’s history.

People  ·  16 December 2020

JPMorgan Discusses $600B in Potential New Bitcoin Demand

MassMutual’s $100M BTC investment has the potential to open a massive new investment category, according to analysts.

People  ·  14 December 2020

How Much Debt Can a Country Handle?

As conventional wisdom grows that central banks can go more deeply into debt than previously thought, one economist asks, how much is too much?

People  ·  13 December 2020

The Bitcoin Banking Battle Heats Up

Banks are moving into crypto and crypto companies are trying to become banks, so how does it all play out?

People  ·  12 December 2020

Why a Massive 169-Year-Old Insurance Company Just Bought $100M in Bitcoin

MassMutual becomes the latest announced institutional buyer of bitcoin, and this one could be even more significant in terms of precedent.

People  ·  11 December 2020

A De Facto Bitcoin ETF? MicroStrategy Is Raising $400M to Buy More BTC

Michael Saylor announced plans to offer convertible bonds with the express intent to buy BTC. The community reacts.

People  ·  8 December 2020

China’s Latest Digital Currency Trial Is Its Most Important Yet

More money, more participants, more participating banks and merchants – a look inside the latest DC/EP trial in Suzhou.

People  ·  7 December 2020

Niall Ferguson on Why Bitcoin and China Are Winning the Monetary Revolution

The well-known economic historian connects the dots between bitcoin and CBDCs in the COVID-19 money era.

People  ·  6 December 2020

$50K BTC in 2021? Bloomberg Analysts Join the ‘Traditional Onslaught’ Driving Bitcoin’s Rally

A new crypto outlook from Bloomberg suggests BTC could reach $50,000 in 2021, topping off a month of major institutional momentum for the asset.

People  ·  5 December 2020

A ‘Santa Claus Rally’ for the Stock Market?

Since 1969, 34 out of 45 years have seen a late December rally. Here are 5 reasons why that might not happen this year.

People  ·  4 December 2020

Why Stablecoins Are the First Battleground of the Coming Crypto Regulation Wars

The STABLE Act would force all stablecoin issuers to have bank licenses, a shot across the bow that portends an emerging legal challenge for the industry.

People  ·  3 December 2020

Why a $631B Asset Manager Just Changed Its Mind on Bitcoin

In a research note intended for clients, investing giant AllianceBernstein says it changed its mind on bitcoin’s role in asset allocation.

People  ·  1 December 2020

Bitcoin Hits a New All-Time High: What Happens Next?

Why a price surge is not only attracting a new cadre of institutional investors, but also producing the beginnings of a new set of FUD.

People  ·  30 November 2020