Polygon to Form Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Polygon's aim is for the DAO to attract 100 million users.

News  ·  19 August 2021

DAOs, VCs Put $6M Behind Governance Startup Tally

If DAOs are basically a "group chat with a bank account," they're going to need more tooling to go mainstream, say Tally's founders.

Business  ·  12 August 2021

Biggest DAOs Now Hold $6B Worth of Digital Assets: ConsenSys

More than $6 billion worth of digital assets are held in the 20 biggest DAOs, according to a report from ConsenSys.

News  ·  3 August 2021

Gone in 30 Seconds: Yield Guild Games’ $12.5M Token Sale Sells Out Fast

Some tokens will distributed to members of the startup's community.

News  ·  29 July 2021

Index Coop, Bankless DAO Team Up to Launch New Crypto Index

The BED token represents an even split of bitcoin, ether and Index Coop’s DeFi Pulse Index.

Tech  ·  22 July 2021

MakerDAO Moves to Full Decentralization; Maker Foundation to Close in ‘Months’

The move by the protocol’s home office has been long expected.

Tech  ·  20 July 2021
Yield Farming

FOX Token Rally: Yield Play or ShapeShift DAO Craving?

Crypto analysts are looking at the FOX token's price gain and asking whether it's the latest promotion or the start of a new trend.

Markets  ·  16 July 2021

FOX Token Up 77% on ShapeShift DAO, Airdrop News

ShapeShift’s token is up significantly on news the exchange is becoming a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Business  ·  14 July 2021

ShapeShift to Shut Down, Airdrop FOX Tokens to Decentralize Itself Out of Existence

ShapeShift will send out 340 million FOX tokens across DeFi.

Business  ·  14 July 2021

Superfluid Raises $9M for a New Take on Streaming Payments

Multicoin Capital is betting the real-time payments platform can power DeFi and DAOs – and also subscriptions and salaries.

Business  ·  13 July 2021

DeFi Data Feed Service API3 Becomes a DAO

As well as steering the direction of the project, the DAO aims to provide a kind of decentralized insurance against oracle failings.

Tech  ·  8 July 2021

DAO Behind DeFi Pulse Index Raises $7.7M From Galaxy Digital, 1kx

Index Cooperative will use the funding to bring its ETF-like products to other blockchain networks.

Business  ·  6 July 2021

Fashion Redefines Finance: The Logic of Digital Luxury

Success in the new world of finance requires understanding the internet zeitgeist and how media content becomes popular and unpopular, says our columnist.

People  ·  6 July 2021

Curve DAO Contemplates Its Intellectual Property

A governance proposal to protect a DeFi project's IP prompts questions about a DAO's fiduciary duty and the open source ethos.

People  ·  17 June 2021

2 Ethereum Projects Are Officially Merging; ‘Keanu’ Aims for August Launch

Keep and NuCypher have agreed to merge their protocols into a DAO. Coming soon: a more capital-efficient version of Keep's bitcoin-on-Ethereum token, tBTC.

Tech  ·  16 June 2021