Yield Farming

Sense Finance Raises $5.2M to Bring Yield Trading to DeFi

Dragonfly Capital led the funding round with participation including Robot Ventures and Bain Capital.

News  ·  3 August 2021

FOX Token Rally: Yield Play or ShapeShift DAO Craving?

Crypto analysts are looking at the FOX token's price gain and asking whether it's the latest promotion or the start of a new trend.

Markets  ·  16 July 2021
Yield Farming

Only 4%? Coinbase Rate on USDC Reveals Focus on Crypto Credit Risk

Greater risk, greater reward? When it comes to USDC deposits, customers might prefer lower risk, lower reward.

Markets  ·  7 July 2021

High-Yield Crypto Ecosystem Offers Alternative to Low Interest Rates

People are turning to crypto not just as a hedge against inflation but also for the high returns it can offer.

Markets  ·  25 May 2021

The Bull Case for DeFi: Matthew Roszak

Capital "treadmills," yield and ETH at a lifetime high.

News  ·  18 February 2021

Origin Brings Back Interest-Earning OUSD Stablecoin Following $7M Hack

Origin is relaunching its yield-generating stablecoin following a November attack that drained OUSD holders of $7 million.

Business  ·  6 January 2021
Yield Farming

Ethereum: The Last Bastion for Yield

U.S. Treasury and corporate bonds are returning lower yields than ever. Ethereum's currency ether (ETH) presents an alternative.

People  ·  5 January 2021

Terra Brings 24-Hour Trading to Synthetic Versions of Stocks Like TSLA and AAPL

The creators of the stablecoin platform Terra are launching Mirror Protocol, a way to mint crypto assets that mimic U.S. stocks.

Tech  ·  3 December 2020

With COMP Below $100, a Look Back at the ‘DeFi Summer’ It Sparked

Compound's governance token, COMP, fell below $100 early Tuesday. The DeFi token kicked off the yield farming craze way back in June.

Business  ·  20 October 2020
Yield Farming

CoinDesk Live: Inside the Ethereum Economy

Why all the hype behind yield farming and food-inspired tokens? Should investors take them seriously or are they a fading trend?

People  ·  6 October 2020

First Mover: Day in the Life of a Yield Farmer Means Part-Time Gig, Full-Time Risk

Yield farming steals crypto traders' obsession as bitcoin's volatility falls to 180-day low; Coinbase employees take severance.

Markets  ·  5 October 2020

The Inevitable Marriage of Yield Farming and NFTs, Explained

NFTs had managed to be expensive but they had not managed to be liquid – not until DeFi-thinking intervened.

Tech  ·  28 September 2020

DeFi Yield Farming Aggregator APY.Finance Raises $3.6M in Seed Funding

The aggregation platform raised the seed funding from a roster of investors that includes Alameda Research, Arrington XRP Capital and Coingecko.

Business  ·  21 September 2020

This DeFi Group Wants to Bring Maturity to the Yield Farming Craze

The Chicago DeFi Alliance, launched in April 2020, is now poised to help members profit from yield farming and the liquidity mining craze.

Business  ·  18 September 2020

Uniswap Recaptures DeFi Buzz With UNI Token’s Airdropped Debut

A minimum of 400 UNI was airdropped to everyone who used Uniswap prior to September. Some called it “stimulus for Ethereum users.”

Markets  ·  17 September 2020