Only 4%? Coinbase Rate on USDC Reveals Focus on Crypto Credit Risk

Greater risk, greater reward? When it comes to USDC deposits, customers might prefer lower risk, lower reward.

Markets  ·  7 July 2021

Compound Labs Launches ‘Treasury’ to Get Big Firms Reaping DeFi Yields

The USDC-powered savings product could be "shockingly big" for getting fintechs into DeFi, said Compound's Robert Leshner.

Business  ·  28 June 2021

DeFi Money Market Compound Embraces Multi-Chain Future With ‘Gateway’ Testnet

“I think it’s inevitable that there is an expansion beyond just Ethereum,” Compound Finance founder Robert Leshner told CoinDesk.

Tech  ·  1 March 2021

$25M in DeFi Loans Liquidated as Ether Price Falls

The three-month high liquidation volume comes as Ethereum fees in dollar terms set a new record mark of $29 per basic transaction.

Markets  ·  22 February 2021

First Mover: It’s ‘Dorsey’s Node’ as Bitcoin Marches Higher, DOGE Chokes

Bitcoin breaks out, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sets up a bitcoin node and Bank of England warns on negative rates. Meanwhile, it's DeFi that's mooning.

Markets  ·  5 February 2021

Multiple Tokens See Rally Amid Looming ‘Alt Season’

Bitcoin and ether may be pulling back from their all-time highs but alternative cryptos are starting to see action.

Markets  ·  12 January 2021

The Smart Way to Talk About DeFi’s $22B

"TVL isn't the best indicator when ETH and all other crypto is green for weeks," one observer said of DeFi's recent growth.

Tech  ·  8 January 2021

Compound’s New Blockchain Readies DeFi for Central Bank Digital Currencies

"We want to announce the designs for a blockchain that can scale Compound over the next century," Compound founder Robert Leshner told CoinDesk.

Business  ·  17 December 2020

With COMP Below $100, a Look Back at the ‘DeFi Summer’ It Sparked

Compound's governance token, COMP, fell below $100 early Tuesday. The DeFi token kicked off the yield farming craze way back in June.

Business  ·  20 October 2020

Braintrust Raises $18M to Bring DeFi-Thinking to the Gig Economy

Braintrust, a tech talent marketplace that will essentially be owned by the IT freelancers and companies using it, has raised an $18 million strategic growth round.

Business  ·  1 October 2020

MakerDAO Adds Chainlink, Compound, Loopring as Collateral Options

MakerDAO has voted to add support for a trio of new tokens for the decentralized finance (DeFi) loans that generate DAI stablecoins.

Tech  ·  30 September 2020

Fintech Giant Plaid Has a Hidden Passion for DeFi

Fintech enabler Plaid is quietly working with at least two decentralized finance (DeFi) startups.

Business  ·  25 September 2020

Huobi Launches Consortium of DeFi Providers and Platforms With MakerDAO, Compound

Huobi has launched a new consortium with MakerDAO and Compound to promote decentralized finance.

News  ·  17 August 2020

Crypto VC Firm Assesses the ‘State of Blockchain Governance’

Greenfield One, an early-stage venture capital firm, just published a comprehensive new resource on the topic of blockchain governance.

Tech  ·  13 August 2020

CoinDesk Live Recap: Ethereum’s DeFi Luminaries Discuss What’s Next

MakerDAO's Rune Christensen, Compound's Robert Leshner and Uniswap's Hayden Adams discussed the state of the $3.8 billion DeFi market.

Tech  ·  30 July 2020