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Can Avalanche Keep It Up? DeFi Users Rush In as Incentives Roll Out

The total value locked in Avalanche's DeFi ecosystem has swelled to $1.8 billion in the last month. Here's why.

Business  ·  26 August 2021

The Rise of Layer 2s Spells End for Altcoins

Bitcoin is no longer limited to a single chain, meaning altcoins like ether are trending towards irrelevancy, says the neuroscientist and DeFi entrepreneur.

People  ·  3 January 2021
Base Layers

The Fight for Consumer Adoption Is Just Beginning

In the next phase, blockchain networks have to find use cases beyond censorship resistance and permissionless access, says TRON's founder.

People  ·  29 December 2020

Cere Network Raises $1.5M More to Bring Its ‘Decentralized Salesforce’ to Polkadot

Binance-backed Cere Network has raised another $1.5 million to become a decentralized version of Salesforce.

Business  ·  23 December 2020

Ethereum-Enhancers Not Ethereum-Killers

The new competitive arena in the so-called scaling wars is between Ethereum-enhancers, not Ethereum-killers.

Tech  ·  14 October 2020

Polkadot Projects Will Be Able to Mint Their Own Tokens in 2021

A token minting system is coming to the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem, promising to be a leaner, meaner version of Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard.

Business  ·  16 September 2020

Chia Network Raises $5M to Rival New Crop of DeFi-Friendly Base Layers

Chia Network, led by BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen, just raised another $5 million in an equity round led by Slow Ventures.

Business  ·  11 August 2020
Smart Contracts

Base Layer Wars Heat Up With Another $12M Committed to AVA Labs’ Avalanche Blockchain

AVA Labs has closed a $12 million private token sale. The funding round – co-led by Galaxy Digital, Bitmain, Initialized and others – comes weeks before an anticipated mainnet launch.

Tech  ·  25 June 2020

NEAR Protocol Enlists Bison Trails for Validator Support as It Heads Toward Full Mainnet

Bison Trails will help host the NEAR Protocol’s early validator set, currently consisting of over 150 nodes including some 40 of the project’s investors.

Tech  ·  9 June 2020
Smart Contracts

Base Layer Blockchain Harmony Adds Staking to Open Up Validator Set

Harmony announced Tuesday that its mainnet has incorporated staking, allowing users to earn ONE tokens for locking in their current holdings.

Tech  ·  19 May 2020