Bank of America


Bank of America, Coinbase Ventures Invested in Paxos’ $300M Funding Round

The blockchain-based crypto services firm is disclosing more big names from its latest funding round.

News  ·  29 July 2021

Bank of America Calls CBDCs ‘More Effective’ Than Cash in Research Note

The second largest U.S. bank said that the rise of CBDCs was "inevitable."

News  ·  29 July 2021

Bank of America Is Clearing Crypto ETPs for Hedge Funds in Europe: Sources

The bank’s prime brokerage unit is said to be allowing clients to access various crypto exchange-traded products.

Business  ·  20 July 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Holds Above $30K but Price Chart Looks ‘Ugly’

Also, Circle might be an attractive "starter stock for the cautious" when it goes public, according to one analyst.

Markets  ·  16 July 2021

Bank of America Approves Bitcoin Futures Trading for Some Clients: Sources

Clients are in the process of being set up, with some already live, according to one of two sources.

Business  ·  16 July 2021

Bank of America Creates Team Dedicated to Researching Crypto

America’s second-largest bank is the latest financial institution to wade deeper into crypto.

Business  ·  8 July 2021

Most Fund Managers Say Bitcoin Still in a Bubble: Bank of America Survey

The results are up six percentage points from last month’s data, indicating sentiment on Wall Street has turned more bearish.

Markets  ·  15 June 2021

‘Long Bitcoin’ Is World’s Most ‘Crowded’ Trade: Bank of America Survey

A bullish bet on the cryptocurrency was also the most crowded trade in January.

Markets  ·  18 May 2021

Bank of America Joins Paxos Network Eyeing Same-Day Stock Trade Settlement

The Paxos Settlement Service has been built with blockchain tech to speed up stock-trade settlement.

Business  ·  17 May 2021

Central Bank ‘Money Drops’ With Digital Currencies Could Fuel Inflation: Bank of America

CBDCs could facilitate central bank stimulus in the form of money drops, and lead to higher inflation, says BofA.

Markets  ·  2 April 2021

Bank of America Sees DeFi ‘Potentially More Disruptive Than Bitcoin’

There is "no good reason to own BTC unless you see prices going up," the bank says, but it is intrigued by decentralized finance.

Markets  ·  18 March 2021

Inflation Takes Over From Covid as Biggest Market Risk: Bank of America

It's a sign of the times how dramatically the vaccine has changed the market landscape, a year after the coronavirus pandemic initially wreaked havoc on the global economy.

Markets  ·  16 March 2021

Anti-Privacy Regulations Pose Risks for Crypto Investors, Bank of America Says

Cryptocurrencies "challenge the ability of governments to levy taxes and to control capital flows more broadly," the report says.

Markets  ·  10 February 2021

Bitcoin Becomes Most-Crowded Trade After Passing ‘Long Tech’: Bank of America Survey

Bank of America's January survey of fund managers indicated bitcoin is now seeing the most capital inflow.

Markets  ·  19 January 2021
First Mover

First Mover: Even Bank of America Acknowledges China Winning Digital-Currency Race

BoA researchers anticipate China's digital yuan might make a dent in the greenback’s global hegemony.

Markets  ·  7 July 2020