Anthony Pompliano

Bitcoin-Based DeFi Project Sovryn Near Agreement on $10M Investment From ‘Pomp’

Using decentralized governance to approve investment proposals is the shape of things to come, said venture fund Greenfield One.

Business  ·  24 March 2021

‘Pomp’ Launches Crypto Jobs Board With Gemini, Coinbase and BlockFi

Morgan Creek’s Anthony Pompliano aims to list 10,000 openings by the end of the year.

Business  ·  27 January 2021
Crypto Exchanges

Bitcoin Exchange Backed by Pomp, Song and Woo Removes Trading Fees to Contend With Coinbase, Gemini

Upstart crypto exchange LVL wants to take on U.S. giants by removing trading fees. The move comes as bitcoin touches new all-time highs.

Business  ·  1 December 2020

Morgan Creek Invests in Startup Bringing Bitcoin to DeFi

Anthony Pompliano's investment firm has joined a seed round for Atomic Loans, a startup looking to create bitcoin-backed lending instruments.

Business  ·  15 April 2020
Morgan Creek Digital

Pompliano Joins Board of Blockchain-Based Lending Firm After $103M Raise

Blockchain-based consumer lender Figure added Morgan Creek Digital’s Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano to its board following a $103 million funding round.

Business  ·  5 December 2019

Pension Funds Put $50 Million Into Morgan Creek’s New Blockchain Fund

Morgan Creek Digital raised the first $50 million for its second venture capital fund from the same two large institutional investors in its first.

Business  ·  22 October 2019

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Questions Bitcoin’s Role as ‘Safe Haven’

The business mogul critiqued Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano's financial holdings, comparing cryptocurrencies to "Vegas games"

Markets  ·  6 August 2019

Two Public Pensions Anchor Morgan Creek’s New $40 Million Venture Fund

In a potential first for the crypto investment sector, two U.S. public pension funds are dipping their toes in Morgan Creek's latest vehicle.

Business  ·  12 February 2019

Morgan Creek Digital Joins $3.1 Million Round for Tokenized Real-Estate Firm

Digital assets manager Morgan Creek Digital has backed a $3.1 million seed round for tokenized real-estate startup RealBlocks.

Markets  ·  25 January 2019

Morgan Creek Is Betting $1 Million That Crypto Can Beat the S&P

Morgan Creek Digital wants to echo Warren Buffett's famous bet by wagering $1 million that crypto will outperform the S&P 500 over 10 years.

Markets  ·  6 December 2018

‘Off the Chain’ Crypto Podcast Apparently Blocked on Apple iTunes

The "Off the Chain" crypto podcast by Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano appears to have been blocked on Apple's iTunes app on Monday.

Markets  ·  6 November 2018