Wedbush Securities

Paxos Adds Wedbush Securities in Quest for Same-Day Stock Settlement

Credit Suisse, Instinet and Societe Generale are also part of the program, which is meant to shrink stock settlement times to hours, not days.

Business  ·  17 June 2021

Wedbush Revises 12-Month Bitcoin Price Target to $600

Wedbush has revised its outlook for the price of bitcoin, revealing it expects the digital asset to rise to $600 in value over the next 12 months.

Markets  ·  4 November 2015

Wedbush Report Projects $400 Bitcoin Price By 2016

The bitcoin payments network will power 10% of online payments and 20% of global remittances by 2025, according to a new report by Wedbush.

Markets  ·  10 July 2015

Bitcoin Marketplace Buttercoin Folds Despite $2.1 Million Investment

US bitcoin marketplace Buttercoin is shutting its doors, despite launching just four months ago with at least $1.3m in investor backing.

Business  ·  6 April 2015

Wedbush: Bitstamp Issues Shouldn’t Dampen Confidence in Bitcoin

In a new report, Wedbush predicts bitcoin will continue to improve its infrastructure while taking hold in certain use cases in 2015.

Markets  ·  6 January 2015

Wedbush: Wall Street Sees Opportunity in Bitcoin’s Volatility

A new report from Wedbush finds that bitcoin's volatility isn't likely to affect its use as a payment network.

Business  ·  21 August 2014

Wedbush Analysts: VC Funding in Bitcoin Doubled in Under Three Months

Wedbush Securities has issued a new report on bitcoin technology, citing its disruptive potential in the long term.

Markets  ·  28 May 2014

Bitcoin’s Recent Price Plunge Could Have Been Worse, Wedbush Finds

A new report by Wedbush Securities suggests that even bitcoin's recent volatility is proof that its ecosystem is stabilizing.

Markets  ·  18 February 2014

Equities Research Firm Wedbush Sells Reports for Bitcoins

Investment brokerage Wedbush is selling its equities research reports for bitcoins.

Markets  ·  15 February 2014