Retail Giant Walmart Seeking to Hire Digital, Cryptocurrency Lead

The company is looking for someone to develop its digital currency strategy and product roadmap.

News  ·  15 August 2021

India’s State-Regulated Digital Payments Network Is Dominated by Google and Walmart

A shared payments infrastructure initiated by the state and joined by major Indian banks, the United Payments Interface (UPI) accounted for over 2.2 billion transactions in November.

News  ·  9 December 2020

IBM, Merck Declare FDA-Backed Drug Tracing Blockchain a Success

IBM, Merck, Walmart and KPMG’s drug-tracing blockchain pilot exceeded the interoperability benchmarks set by the Food and Drug Administration, the group said.

News  ·  4 May 2020

Drone Data Service to Create Blockchain-Based Black Box

Blockchain drone technology continues to grow, particularly with commercial development by major brands like Amazon and Walmart.

Markets  ·  10 September 2019

Walmart Wants to Patent a Stablecoin That Looks a Lot Like Facebook Libra

Retail giant Walmart has applied for a cryptocurrency patent that bears some similarities to the Libra token proposed by Facebook in mid-June.

Business  ·  2 August 2019
Supply Chain

IBM-Maersk Shipping Blockchain Gains Steam With 15 Carriers Now on Board

IBM has recruited two more major shipping carriers to join the blockchain platform it owns with container giant Maersk.

Business  ·  2 July 2019

Walmart China Teams with VeChain, PwC on Blockchain Food Safety Platform

Walmart China has launched a blockchain-based platform aimed to address food safety concerns in the country.

Business  ·  25 June 2019
Supply Chain

Retail Giant Walmart Enters Second Drug-Tracking Blockchain Trial

Walmart will take part in a second drug-tracking blockchain pilot, this one with IBM, KPMG and drug maker Merck.

Business  ·  13 June 2019
Supply Chain

Walmart Joins Pharmaceutical-Tracking Blockchain Consortium MediLedger

Retail giant Walmart has joined MediLedger, a consortium building a blockchain for tracking pharmaceuticals.

Business  ·  3 June 2019
Supply Chain

World’s Second-Largest Grocer Joins IBM Food Trust Blockchain

Albertsons Companies, the world's second-largest supermarket chain by sales, has joined IBM's food tracking blockchain.

Business  ·  11 April 2019
Supply Chain

IBM’s Food Blockchain Is Going Live With a Supermarket Giant on Board

IBM is taking its food-tracking blockchain into production and has already signed up European supermarket giant Carrefour.

Business  ·  8 October 2018
Supply Chain

Walmart Tells Produce Suppliers to Use Blockchain by Next September

Walmart will begin tracking leafy greens using IBM's blockchain technology starting late next year, the company announced Monday.

Business  ·  24 September 2018

Walmart Explores Blockchain for Connecting Automated Delivery Drones

Walmart's patent efforts have showcased how the retail giant is investigating blockchain, this time it's a project that sees a way for drones to talk.

Markets  ·  3 September 2018

Walmart Looks to Blockchain for Better Package Tracking

A new patent filing finds retail giant Walmart seeking to utilize blockchain technology to solve problems when scheduling deliveries.

Business  ·  9 July 2018

Walmart Patent Eyes Crypto Payments for Power Supply Precision

Retail giant Walmart is exploring a way to let households manage their electricity bills with prepayments in cryptocurrency.

Business  ·  15 June 2018