Santander Blocks Binance Payments for UK Customers

The bank said it’s heeding the FCA’s warnings about Binance.

Business  ·  8 July 2021

Major Spanish Firms Including Santander Unveil Blockchain Identity Project

A group of Spanish companies, including banks and energy firms, is working to develop a "self-managed" digital identity system using blockchain technology.

Tech  ·  5 November 2020

Santander Hires Former Apple Pay Exec to Lead P2P Payments

Santander's new hire, Trish Burgess, formerly helped lead the launches of Apple Card and Apple Pay.

Business  ·  13 February 2020
Security Tokens

Leading Japanese Firms Partner on Security Token Research

MUFG launched a 22-member research consortium of security issuers, broker dealers and tech companies to set standards for security token management.

Business  ·  6 November 2019
Funding Rounds

Token Tech firm Securitize Raises $14 Million from Santander, MUFG

The SEC-regulated firm raised $14 million from notable investors across traditional and blockchain finance.

Business  ·  24 September 2019

Santander Settles Both Sides of a $20 Million Bond Trade on Ethereum

Santander has issued a $20 million bond on ethereum, and paid fiat cash for it on the public blockchain as well.

Business  ·  12 September 2019

Santander Testing Nivaura’s Blockchain-Based Floating Rate Bond

Capital markets startup Nivaura has developed a floating rate bond using blockchain tech, and it's already being tested by Santander and others.

Business  ·  13 May 2019

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Is Forming a ‘Token Task Force’

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is forming a task force to create business-grade standards for tokenized assets.

Business  ·  13 February 2019

Barclays and Clearmatics Call on Coders to Help Blockchains Talk to Each Other

U.K. bank Barclays and startup Clearmatics will hold a hackathon next month to spur ideas for blockchain interoperability.

Business  ·  17 January 2019

Over 75 New Banks: JPMorgan Expands Blockchain Payments Trial

A blockchain payments trial launched by JPMorgan, Australia's ANZ and the Royal Bank of Canada has just gained over 75 new banks as participants.

Business  ·  25 September 2018
Blockchain Technology

Spain’s Securities Market Watchdog Completes Blockchain Test

A pilot test was successfully conducted for a Spanish-backed blockchain project to increase the efficiency of registering issuances.

Markets  ·  25 June 2018

How Blockchain Can Finally Fulfill Its Promise in Global Payments

Several leading institutions are working towards producing tokenized digital central bank money, a more viable approach than unbacked crypto-assets.

Tech  ·  9 June 2018

Public or Private? Blockchain Distinctions Are Falling Out of Fashion

"Convergence" means different things to different people in the blockchain space. But it's a word that's cropping up again and again.

Policy & regulation  ·  4 June 2018

Santander to Launch Ripple Payment App This Week

Banking giant Santander Group is reportedly launching a blockchain-based application for cross-border foreign exchange on Friday. 

Business  ·  12 April 2018

How to Help ICOs Go Legit

Speculation on utility is a bad idea, but ICOs can be an appealing alternative to venture capital, argues the head of blockchain R&D at Santander.

Tech  ·  8 February 2018