Roger Ver

Roger Ver: Bitcoin Cash Hard Forks Could Have Thwarted PayPal Support

Roger Ver, one of the biggest bitcoin cash advocates, is not a fan of the scheduled fork event of the cryptocurrency's network.

Markets  ·  14 November 2020

Roger Ver’s Mining Pool Pulls Support for Bitcoin Cash Dev Fund Over Chain Split Threat

Ver said he was "mostly just along for the ride" as some mining pools stepped back from the prospect of competing hard forks.

Tech  ·  28 January 2020
Acquisitions Acquires Japanese Blockchain Developer 03 Labs

The deal, which closed recently for an undisclosed sum, will see O3 Labs’ eight-person developer team integrate into

Business  ·  22 October 2019
News to Launch an Exchange

The exchange will list the major cryptocurrencies, simple ledger protocol tokens, and support BCH trading pairs.

Markets  ·  2 August 2019
Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver Steps Into Chairman Role as Adds New CEO

Roger Ver is now Executive Chairman of as Stefan Rust joins as CEO

Markets  ·  2 August 2019
Craig Wright

Judge Rules for Roger Ver in Craig Wright Libel Lawsuit

Though the suit was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds, Judge Sir Nicklin denied Wright's claims of "reputational harm" in the decision.

Markets  ·  31 July 2019
Digital Assets

Monarch Unveils a Marketplace and Crypto Trading Platform

Monarch aims to streamline the crypto industry by offering a suite of services while supporting 1,900 different currencies.

Markets  ·  1 July 2019
Funding Rounds

Blockchain Fund Launches With $22 Million Round Backed By Roger Ver

Switzerland-based Pangea Blockchain Fund is launching after closing a $22 million seed round backed by crypto investor Roger Ver.

Business  ·  27 February 2019

There’s a New Bitcoin Core in Town – And It’s Out to Troll Bitcoin Cash

Troll cryptocurrency Bitcoin Core is the next step of bitcoin's ongoing naming wars.

Tech  ·  14 June 2018

Bitcoin Cash Is Bitcoin? Lawsuits Won’t Stop the Fight Over Bitcoin’s Name

Roger Ver's decision to call bitcoin cash "bitcoin" has dredged up a byzantine debate on how exactly the software should be defined and by whom.

Tech  ·  30 April 2018

Gambling on a Hard Fork: Will Roger Ver Take up a High-Stakes Bitcoin Wager?

Will controversial bitcoin investor Roger Ver take this high-stakes wager on a possible hard fork now there's a technical solution?

Tech  ·  12 July 2017
Roger Ver

The Gold Rush Begins: The Day Bitcoin Topped the US Dollar

Launching our new 'Milestones' series, investor Roger Ver recalls his discovery of bitcoin and his thrill when its price first topped the US dollar.

Tech  ·  4 April 2017
Bitcoin Core

CoinDesk Explainer: The Bitcoin Unlimited Debate

The controversial alternative to Bitcoin Core has drifted to the heart of bitcoin's raging scaling debate over the past year, but why?

Tech  ·  14 March 2017

Bitcoin Investor Roger Ver to Push for OKCoin Liquidation in Court

Bitcoin investor Roger Ver’s legal fight against Chinese bitcoin exchange OKCoin is intensifying as he pushes for the firm to be liquidated.

Business  ·  17 February 2017

The Passion of ‘Bitcoin Jesus’: How The Blockchain’s Most Beloved Investor Became its Most Polarizing

Roger Ver, a key figure among bitcoin’s first disciples is now the community's biggest advocate for the minority side of the block-size debate.

Markets  ·  5 February 2017