Braintrust Raises $18M to Bring DeFi-Thinking to the Gig Economy

Braintrust, a tech talent marketplace that will essentially be owned by the IT freelancers and companies using it, has raised an $18 million strategic growth round.

Business  ·  1 October 2020

Nestlé Partners With Rainforest Alliance to Trace Coffee Beans

Nestlé has added its Zoégas coffee brand to the IBM Food Trust blockchain and partnered with the Rainforest Alliance to bolster the coffee’s data traceability.

News  ·  6 April 2020
Supply Chain

Nestle, Carrefour Extend Blockchain Tracking Effort to Baby Milk

Nestle and Carrefour are using IBM's Food Trust blockchain platform to track organic baby milk products "from dairy to shelf."

Business  ·  15 November 2019

Nestle Announces New Blockchain Initiative Separate From Ongoing IBM Project

The largest food company by revenue has doubled down on blockchain pilots.

Markets  ·  2 July 2019
Supply Chain

Amazon Web Services Opens Blockchain Building Service Up for Wider Use

Amazon Web Services has taken its Managed Blockchain service out of preview mode, meaning more firms can now use the platform to build products.

Business  ·  1 May 2019
Supply Chain

Nestle, Carrefour Team Up to Feed Consumers Data With IBM Blockchain

Swiss food giant Nestle and French retailer Carrefour are now letting consumers access product data via IBM's Food Trust platform.

Business  ·  16 April 2019
Supply Chain

Walmart, Kroger & Nestle Team with IBM Blockchain to Fight Food Poisoning

A new consortium being spearheaded by IBM is seeking to use blockchain to improve global food safety – and cut costs for suppliers.

Business  ·  22 August 2017