JPMorgan Chase

Compass Mining Says Chase Shut Down Bank Accounts Without Warning

The accounts held about 7% of the company's cash.

Business  ·  19 August 2021

Investors Cashing Out of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Might Bring Market Boost

Investors who locked in borrowed coins will need to repurchase those to repay the loan, cryptocurrency pundits say.

Markets  ·  2 July 2021

Remember JPM Coin? Next Step Is Programmable Money, Bank Exec Says

The global bank is also “keeping a very close eye” on DeFi, says Umar Farooq, head of JPMorgan’s Onyx blockchain team.

Business  ·  7 June 2021

Crypto Long & Short: Bitcoin’s Potential as a Collateral Class

Signs point to a new avenue of growth for crypto-backed lending.

Markets  ·  2 May 2021

ConsenSys Confidential: Ethereum Builder Is Back in Growth Mode, Document Reveals

ConsenSys staffers waiting for equity payouts may soon be in luck, according to an internal document revealing the company’s recent good fortune.

Business  ·  15 March 2021

JPMorgan’s New Crypto Bond ‘Not for the Faint of Heart,’ Former Star Analyst Hintz Says

Brad Hintz, a former star Sanford Bernstein analyst, Morgan Stanley treasurer and Lehman Brothers CFO, explains the risks in the fine print.

Markets  ·  10 March 2021
JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Posts 34 Blockchain Jobs as It Beefs Up JPM Coin

A search for “blockchain” on JPMorgan’s career pages actually brings up 56 open positions, with 34 including the tech in the job title.

Business  ·  7 March 2021
Bitcoin Payments

Wall Street Embrace of Crypto Grows Closer as Employees Argue on Its Behalf: CNBC

On a Zoom call with traders in January, co-President Daniel Pinto suggested he was open-minded about bitcoin.

Markets  ·  12 February 2021

JPMorgan Invites Banks and Fintechs to Build on Its Revamped Blockchain Network

Liink wants its 400-plus financial institutions (including 25 of the largest 50 banks) to start building on top of the platform.

Business  ·  28 October 2020

Chase Bank to Refund 95% of $2.5M It Allegedly Overcharged Crypto Buyers

The JPMorgan subsidiary has agreed to repay most of $2.5 million it took in credit card fees for cryptocurrency purchases.

News  ·  1 June 2020

Chase Bank Settles Suit Over ‘Sky-High’ Credit Card Charges for Crypto Purchases

The bank had allegedly charged the plaintiff over $160 in fees and interest for regularly purchasing cryptocurrencies with his credit card.

Policy & regulation  ·  12 March 2020
JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Tests Private Blockchain to Track Auto Dealer Inventory

JPMorgan Chase has filed a patent and is testing a blockchain system for tracking the automobile inventory it finances for car dealers. 

Business  ·  22 November 2019

JPMorgan Adds Privacy Features to Ethereum-Based Quorum Blockchain

JPMorgan has developed a new privacy feature for ethereum-based blockchains that hides both the sender and the amount in a transaction.

Business  ·  28 May 2019
JPM Coin

Christine Lagarde Pits Circle Against JPMorgan in IMF Debate

Decentralized systems are coming for the banks, argued Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, in a panel Wednesday at the International Monetary Fund.

Markets  ·  10 April 2019

Citi Has Scrapped Its Plan for a JPM Coin-Like Bank-Backed Cryptocurrency

Several years back Citi tested a bank-backed cryptocurrency similar to JPMCoin. The lesson it learned? It's easier to rely on SWIFT.

Business  ·  18 March 2019