Blockchain Is Secure, but You Are Not

For institutions to move into crypto, they need systems that protect against irreversible mistakes.

Opinion  ·  22 July 2021

Institutional Investors Come to Polygon Amid Rising Ethereum Layer-2 Demand, Blockchain Data Shows

Questions remain about promised scalability improvement from Ethereum 2.0.

Tech  ·  16 June 2021

Don’t Follow the Suits, Follow the Weirdos

The big wins in crypto are going to come from the punks, hippies and contrarians. In this very bullish season, don't be enraptured by the “grownups.”

People  ·  29 March 2021

IBM Ventures Further Into Crypto Custody With METACO, Deutsche Bank Tie-Ups

Big Blue wading deeper into these waters speaks to a broader change in the posture of corporates toward public blockchains.

Business  ·  25 March 2021

This Ether Options Play by Institutions Has Lottery Ticket Potential

A pair of wildly speculative options trades on cryptocurrency trading network Paradigm has analysts’ tongues wagging.

Markets  ·  19 March 2021

Institutions Keep Buying Bitcoin’s Dip, Despite Near-term Volatility: Data

Institutions and "whales" have continued their bitcoin purchases, on-chain data shows.

Markets  ·  22 January 2021
Crypto Taxes

Bitcoin Slumps to $31K on Sell-Off in US and Europe

Uncertainty is leading many to take short-term profit, according to the "Coinbase Premium" indicator.

Markets  ·  21 January 2021

‘Bitcoin Rich List’ Rebounds to Hit All-Time High

'Bitcoin Rich List' broke its all-time high as bitcoin's price continues to rally.

Markets  ·  7 January 2021

Oasis Protocol Adds Shyft Network in Bid to Attract Institutions to DeFi

Oasis Labs, creator of Oasis Protocol, appears to be looking to build an institution-friendly version of Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem.

Business  ·  7 January 2021

On-Chain Data Suggests More Institutions Are Buying Bitcoin Over the Counter

On-chain data says that institutions have not stopped buying bitcoin.

Markets  ·  18 December 2020

The Neil Ferguson Affair Shows the Limits of Science During COVID-19

The depth of the outrage reveals how scandalized the public can become when trusted institutions are shown to be less reliable than expected.

Policy & regulation  ·  4 June 2020

Bequant Launches Crypto Prime Brokerage to Compete for Institutional Money

London-based Bequant becomes one of only a few companies in crypto to offer a full range of prime brokerage services for hedge funds.

Business  ·  14 May 2020

What We’re Missing About Institutional Investment in Crypto Winter

Institutional investment in crypto is not as divorced from retail sentiment as many believe, writes Noelle Acheson.

Markets  ·  10 February 2019

The Intrinsic Value of Crypto (What the Bubble Hasn’t Changed)

The crypto bubble hasn't altered the intrinsic value of crypto assets – but it should change our outlook on how they will evolve.

Markets  ·  16 December 2018